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Burning-News Memory
by Raabinator
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Functional and elegant
Bad: Not very entertaining or…orginal.
Not Recommended to: people with Alzheimers. Actually, can you recommend any game to someone with Alzheimers?

This is one of the games I had to review. While it does everything you’d expect it to, you’d expect it to do more. Sounds like something your parents would say…

Anyway, back on track, it was only a few weeks ago that I made a memory card game for MinorHack, a 1-hour competition. BNW is a memory card game for a 72-hour competition. You’d it expect it to be 72 times better, but alas, it is not. I guess you can’t really expect someone to actually use every hour of the competition though.

Overall: I didn’t run into any bugs and the game is fairly well-polished. However, it’s pretty boring, slow and not very original. And even though I didn’t like X-men 3, I will give you a 3.
Artistical: I’m not sure how news is an art, but I’m not a journalist either. The news is blatantly obvious and the rest of the game-art is fairly appealing. Unfortunately, I just can’t shell out more than another 3.
Technical: I’ve already mentioned several times the game is functional. The fire and the smoke, although very plain-jane, work effectively within the game. I’ll give you the exact count of how many times I said “expect” above. What more could you expect from me?
Genre: When you have to open the readme to see how garbage (and it’s related items) fit with the overall scheme, the genre is not very obvious. Two for you, Scooby Doo.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 2

Review by graue all reviews by graue

A reasonably good rendition of the classic memory game.

In particular, the fire effects are extremely nice-looking. In fact, they\'re probably my favorite part of the game.

The garbage aspect, though, is somewhat absent and seems a little tacked-on.

As for the inclusion of news, the news is obviously integral to the game, so no real complaint there.

Overall, good, but could have been better in some ways.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 5 Genre 2

by allefant
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: A unique experience.
Bad: Perhaps too unique…
What the game should have been called: Gay Bob, Green Pants.

Welcome to the wacky world of Allefant’s game, Garbage, a very fitting title, both in what the game is about and how you’d sum up the game. This is another game I had to review.

First off, the most noticeable thing about this game is the style/environment. It may seem like it was drawn by a three year old, but the fact that everything is squibbly and cartoony gives it a very unique feel to it. From the classic five-point stars (which rotate, of course), to the Chinese Trashcans (yeah, I know, it’s a trash lid not a hat, but this whole game does feel like an Asian acid trip, ya?), to the orange dogs (which fly, totally predictable), to the main character and his green tights. Take a very good look at Bob, he seems extremely happy to be dueling it out with his weirdo opponents, not to mention his slow stick-laser ability, something we should all have. I’m quite certain HE’s on that acid trip…ya?

There’s quite a bit of little details that make this game attractive. Of course, the style itself is outstanding, but notice the particle affects and how neat the flames look, if you manage to get to them. Everything fits together really well.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is so bad, you might want to take some acid before attempting to play this game. The garbage cans take 20 hits to destroy and the jumping (more like floating-on-happy-thoughts) flat out sucks. And if you try really hard to see where this game goes, how it ends, it’s too bad, because at about 64%, there’s a jump you can’t make. I was sooo everly frustrated. You should get a 64% for that! That’s a D, mister!

Overall: I’m sorry to do this, but it was a pain to play through this (or at least, 64% of it). I can’t offer more than a 2, even with all the purdy graphics. Yeah, I said purdy.
Artistical: There’s news in the game (relayed in the corner) that directly relate to the game. Don’t know how true they are, but it works well with the game. Not to mention all the style-listic awesomeness of this game, I’m very tempted to give the favorable 5 out of 5. But I say no to peer pressure, so 4 it is.
Technical: I love the fire and I love the smoke. However, the fire does nothing but look pretty and the smoke does nothing but block the view. On top of that, the functionality of the game is weak. At least it didn’t crash…Three sticky stars for ya?
Genre: It’s all about garbage in a junkyard. Bonus points for the game being garbage itself. 3+1=4

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 4

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

This is one of the better looking games of TINS and has very stable implementation and was written in python! Unfortunately while the game has a lot of potential, its just not very fun. The garbage cans take for ever to destroy and since you can never really lose, you just get warped back it becomes extremely repetitive trying to navigate through the same (albeit good looking) environment and killing the same nearly indestructible enemies.

A good attempt but could use a great deal of tweaking and balancing.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 4

Review by Raabinator all reviews by Raabinator

\'Garbage\' is a kind of Jump And Run game. You play a character named Bob that has to fight his way through a junk yard. An ufo crashed into this junk yard and the junk got alive. Now the junk, in form of trashcans with eyes is attacking you. They thow some brown things into your direction. Later, flying dogs attack you too.
The small story is told to you by displaying news messages in the upper left. So the news in the game are imaginary and don\'t really fit the rule of current news events, unless I missed some news of landed ufos or a burning junk yard. Maybe you can take the space junk that missed a plane for an ufo.
The game plays in a junk yard and trash cans are attacking you with trash. So I think the garbage theme is fulfilled.
In advance of the level the yard burns and produces smoke that looks more like fog. So fire and smoke are fulfilled. I think the fire is made of gradual shaded triangles, that is easy with OpenGL, but looks good too. But sometimes flames are flying up into the sky and there is such dense smoke that you can\'t see a thing so you have to wait.
Bob can\'t really die. If his health is exhausted you enter the level some percents back again. The fire doesn\'t hurt Bob, so it\'s only function is to look good and give a reason for the smoke.
The game has nice paralax scrolling with foreground and background and is held in comic style. The music is ear candy and fits into the mysterious story.
Unfortunately I can\'t get further than 64.6% of the level, so I can\'t tell what happens next.
I enjoyed playing this game but it lacks of some animation of the enemies and variations of the attacks.
I\'m looking forward to play a extended, bugfixed version...

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 4

Rubble Trouble
by Cacodaemon
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Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

This is an okay looking game and being a programmer and not an artist I can understand the developer’s heavy overuse of the gradient tool, as that’s something I like to do myself to shade things.

Now as for the actual game, it’s really slow placed. The reason for this is probably because it’s a lot easier to develop a game and perfect timing for a variety of a maps running at a slower speed then it does at a faster one.

The game basically plays as a “collect and return all the items” type game, and to add variety you have to dodge different weather all elements who besides their appearance all do the exact same thing. A simple concept and one that gets boring really quickly, but this is a rather decent entry and overall it is not too bad.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 3

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

This was pretty fun. The levels were challenging and the gameplay was simple but effective. Good player controls and collision detection. I liked the variety of enemies (natural disasters).

Overall -- Pretty fun and challenging. Nice that it had five levels.
Artistical -- Not bad for programmer art. Didn\'t seem to have a strong connection to news or current events though.
Technical -- A little buggy. Smoke was nice but there was no fire.
Genre -- Definately a good fit for the genre!

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 4

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

Not taking into account that this game was made in one weekend
i feel like the game is lacking in all aspects. The worst thing
about the game is the gameplay, the character is too slow and
trying to avoid those \"things\" while picking up different types
of waste isn\'t fun, it\'s just time consuming. Looking at the
artistical quality i\'d say it\'s next to nothing, with only a
short text in the main menu saying \"Climate Disaster We
Will All Die!!!\" the game falls to the very bottom of the
artistical society. The graphics.. oh the horror, shadowed
objects that rotate? i don\'t know what to say so i\'ll quote
my little sister when she played the game: \"va fult\". Lets
just say the graphics isn\'t the strongest part of the game.
Looking at the technical part, i can tell Cacodaemon clearly
didn\'t have enought time to finish the game, the game
contains a smoke effect, but no fire effect (atleast i could
not find one) and the game crashes upon exiting. Being all
about collecting garbage and evade climate disasters this
game fits perfectly into the position of the required genre.

Even if this game fails in almost every possible way i
somewhat feel like it isn\'t that bad, and it is after all
created in one weekend, some polishing(pretty much that is)
could make this game into something more respectable.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 4

by entheh
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Review by allefant all reviews by allefant

Pyrotrash is an online multiplayer game of up to four players. Each player can choose one of the four beautifully animated characters:

Crisp packet
Rather slow, but strong attack. Burns good.

Milk carton
Faster, but weaker attack. Also burns.

Energy drink
Very fast, and can walk through fire without too much harm.

Burnt chicken
Slow, but fire resistant and can start fires.

After characters are chosen, the game begins in a random generated level. There are usually several floors connected by ladders. Each player can run around with their character and shoot. The goal is to survive the longest.

This opens the possibility of different strategies. One is to ignite lots of fires, then hide behind in an open space. If the other player is in a smaller space, and doesn\'t have a fire resistant characters, you will win for sure - if the other player runs through the fire to attack, he will lose a lot of health. If he waits, the fire will catch him sooner as he is in the smaller space.

Another strategy is to assault the opponent directly, before fires start spreading. Here it is important to know the strengths and weakness of your characters. E.g. if you have a fast bug weak one, try to dodge hits and use your speed for surprise attacks. And with more than 2 players, it\'s always good to keep an eye on all the other players.

In the games I played, I had a lot of fun, even though currently, it seems a bit unbalanced.. but if you can find a server with players, definitely worth playing a few games. With some improvements, I think this has the potential to be a great game.

But for a TINS entry, even the current version is quite polished and playable.

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 4 Technical 5 Genre 4

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Multiplayer functionality for extreme fun.
Bad: Reminds me of my lack of friends.
Runner up in: Best Characters of TINS 07

Pyrotrash is extremely ambitious, a multiplayer game with a unique setup for a 72hour competition. Surprisingly, it works really well, making it very 1337. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to enjoy it without having other people to play.

The four different characters you play in Pyrotrash are extremely silly, giving the game a comic-esque mood. Each character has its own movement, appearance and attributes, which I’m sure makes playing multiplayer all the more fun since you can have your own personality.

I also like how the battle system works. It’s simple, but affective. Random worlds generate a different arena each game, so there’s plenty of replay value. Sure, there’s nothing that knocks me out of my chair in Pyrotrash, but there’s fun to be had and what more could you ask for a 72hour game? Nothing, that’s what…

Overall: Four funny characters is enough to give 4 points, but really I just think it’s a good game.
Artistical: The graphics are pretty week, but the fire is pretty neat. Cuteness is pretty indeed, so I will give you a pretty 3.
Technical: Given the readme, a lot of the code is reused. Also, I don’t remember any smoke…3 for ye.
Genre: I suppose the characters are the trash items? The genre wasn’t very strong. 2

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 2

Review by Raabinator all reviews by Raabinator

Pytotrash is a networked multiplayer game for up to four players.
The game takes place in a coal mine. At the start of a match each player chooses one out of four possible \'creatures\' as his character. Those \'creatures\' have different skills. They differ in moving speed, attack style, caused damage and fire sensibility. The \'creatures\' are not good balanced, so if you choose the right one, you are the winner. Additionally the mine is populated by some miners who run around very confused but don\'t harm the players.
Aim of the game is so be the last one alive. Players can be harmed by attacks of other players or fire. Players can also harm the miners. When a miner dies, fire is spread from its position and crawls along coal floors, walls and ceilings until it reaches an earth tile. If a player or miner runs into the fire, or the floor above one, he rapidly dies. So if fire is spread, the game is quickly over. Bad is that you can\'t shoot over the position of dead opponents or miners.
This game is made according to a news report where some miners died in a fire in a coal mine. The instructions say that the game shows you what really happened. So I think the rule of actual news event(s) is somehow fulfilled.
There is fire fx and smoke, which is part of the fire, in the game. The fx is adapted from someone others code as stated in the readme. This was not forbidden by the rules and the author had to change a lot to fit into his requirements, as stated in the readme. The cawling fire looks very nice, but it makes the game hard because you can be trapped into a corner. If you try to run over the fire (even in the floor above one on the ceiling) you die a quick death.
Also stated in the readme, a lot of code, including network stuff, was reused from his previous Speedhack 2006 entry (Bananza). The gfx seems to be self made. There is no music or sound in this game.
The garbage theme is not really hit, I think. Except for the creatures, a crisp packet, a milk bottle that fires sour milk, a energy drink, and a burnt chicken, which you can all judge for trash, if exhausted ones.
The network performance is not the best. I estimated a lag of about 300ms between a key press on one computer and the reaction on the other (in a LAN). If you fire an attack it is paused on the sending computer and started synchronously on every connected computer from the server. But you can\'t escape a projectile because of the lag. If one is hit on the firing computer the projectile follows the other player on his computer, which sometimes looks curious. Another issue is when someone leaves the game the others are not informed. His character stays at the last position.
A good point is the included chat function, you can send messages to all other players. The game can be played over the internet, if you find opponents.
Overal, it looks good for a 72 hour job, in spite of the reused code.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 1

Trash Man
by _sven
all reviews of Trash Man

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: A relatively large world.
Bad: A relatively boring world.
Not terrible, says the burning bush…

Trash Man’s got music, sound effects and even a purpose! Shocker! A game that you could say is actually complete and well-rounded. Unfortunately, it is a little slow paced.

I always enjoy a world to explore, even if there’s hardly anything in it. In fact, I popped open Mappy just to check out the world _sven created. I was even more excited to give my wrists a break when I found out I could a gamepad to play the game. Unfortunately, the controls of the gamepad aren’t as manageable as the keyboard controls. Still, it’s nice _sven put in this functionality on top of everything else.

There were a few things I didn’t figure out, like how to restore my health or how to not grab a bomb-infested item. Once I beat the high score and had a gander around the world, I pretty much put the game to rest. A few more sprinkles and this would have been a real treat, so it was slightly disappointing.

Overall: I semi-enjoyed my time playing this game and all the little details (including picking up bushes) makes this game overall pretty solid. I think it’s deserving of somewhere between 3 or 4, so I’ll be nice and make it a very low 4.
Artistical: The news isn’t very prominent in the game, but serves its purpose. Graphically, the game isn’t appalling. Once again, I’m thinking between 3 and 4 and I’ve already given out a 4 so…
Technical: No bugs (unless you could periodically getting stuck on things briefly a bug) and the smoke/fire effects are affective like an effect should affect. Can’t really argue with that, 4.
Genre: It’s all about picking up garbage. Honestly, I don’t have any reason to give less than a 5.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 5

by ho2go
all reviews of Britney

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Equating Britney Spears to Trash
Bad: Concept.
I imagine this game is better than her movie…

Maybe ho2go thought he/she was being funny, but really, this game made me cry myself to sleep. There’s very few things you can do, the graphics are bad and the game doesn’t make sense (not that you’d expect it to) nor does it work. If you are going to have a game with Britney as your main character, for love of bubblegum, put some hot pictures of her. If we’re going to have to play your game, a little eye candy would persuade the scores. It only takes a few seconds to google and there used to be a time when she wasn’t completely trailer trash.

Overall: You’re not that innocent: 1.
Artistical: Using news and tabloids as the main purpose of the game helps, but the horrid graphics doesn’t. 2
Technical: The game doesn’t seem to end, meaning it doesn’t seem to have a purpose. 1
Genre: Just because Britney is trash nowadays, I’ll be a little generous. 2

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 1

Review by Raabinator all reviews by Raabinator

You control Brintney. She has to collect tabloids and bring them into a special place where they are burned. On the top of the screen there are some values of popularity, health and fun.
These values decrease during the game. You can raise the fun value when you enter the house in the upper right (party?). You can raise your health when you enter the third house in the lower row (anti-party?). Your popularity decreases when the other person appears and catches a tabloid itself.
The tabloids appear in such a mass that you can\'t destroy all.
Nothing happens when your popularity or health reaches 0%. Maybe the game is not finished, but a simple \'game over\' could give the whole thing a (little) sense.
There is a poor fire fx in this game. It is only a static image overlayed to a tabloid.
I saw no smoke fx, no music and no sound too.
Garbage theme? Not really.
News events? OK, The baldy Britney was in the news! But she has hair in the game...

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 1 Technical 1 Genre 1

Review by _sven all reviews by _sven

Unless I\'m missing something, there was no documentation with this game. Documentation may have shed light on some of the seemingly useless features.

You pick up tabloids and throw them in a heap to burn them. You can also make your Britney icon stand in front of the houses. I\'m not sure why you would want to do this, however.

Overall, the game ran slow as anything. It took about 90 seconds to move from the burning heap to the other end of the screen to get another pile of tabloids. I did it about twice before getting fed up with it.

Though ho2go\'s logs seemed to suggest that it was mostly finished, this game needs a bit of work to improve playability in regards to the speed that the character moves around. I can only assume that I saw everything there was to see.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 3

Trash Carnage
by guilt
all reviews of Trash Carnage

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Title screen gives you a short-lived chuckle.
Bad: The complete lack of functionality and/or purpose.
Where’s the carnage? I wanted carnage!

There’s not much I can say about Trash Carnage, because there’s not much you can do in the game. There’s a title screen and the layout of what seems like might actually be a fun little time-waster, but sadly, all you can do is shoot flames and watch newspapers fly. Sometimes, the newspapers disappear mid-air, which makes me think the collision of the flames and the newspapers is really poor. Unfortunately, Trash Carnage is just an incomplete thought at best.

Overall: See above. 1
Artistical: The orange sky and cutesy smoke makes me feel lenient, so I’ll give a 2.
Technical: Nothing impressive, but at least you’re number 1.
Genre: Burning newspaper waste? I guess it counts, but I’m still giving you a 1.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 1

Review by Raabinator all reviews by Raabinator

In this game you control a flame thrower with which you have to burn Newspapers flying out of a factory. That\'s all. You don\'t get points for burnig newspapers nor is there any time or missed newspapers limit. The game goes on and on until you are bored and press the ESC. Maybe I was bored too fast to see something more happen...
Smoke and fire are pre-rendered gfx and not dynamically created.
No sound and no music in this one.
I don\'t know how it fits into current news events. Was there any news about too much newspapers?
Also the garbage theme is not really hit, except of the thrown away newspapers.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 1

Review by _sven all reviews by _sven

This game has no documentation. It looks good. That said, I could not for the life of me make any sense of what was going on in the game.

A building with cute clouds of smoke coming from a smoke stack shoots papers out that land on the ground. You control a flame-shooting device. You can shoot flames, but this appears to be completely independent of the papers. I could not get a single one to ignite, if that\'s the goal.

Interesting to watch for about a minute, but as far as I am aware this is not a completed game.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 3

The Hostages
by MattDalrymple
all reviews of The Hostages

Review by guilt all reviews by guilt

This game was pretty difficult to set up. The provided binary didn\'t work as zlib was missing. After installing FModEx and a host of other libs, I finally got it to run.

The game is about rescuing soldiers from iran hostages. It has non-dynamic smoke and flame fx. I couldn\'t make out garbage either. The current events are touched upon, happy to say that.

The game will definitely need some little work to be finished. Playable overall!

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 4 Technical 1 Genre 1

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Music
Bad: Having to save hostages who aren’t really being held hostage.
Man, ninjas are so stealthy, they stand still when they move.

It’s playable, as in playable like 52-card pickup and just about as fun! That’s right, you get to follow one path (unless you want to waste time going to other paths) with the amazing stick-ninja to save the green hostages in an AI-less world of ugly colors. Never have I been so excited. Puh-leeze.

In Matt’s defense, the concept is a pretty good idea. With a lot more time and proper design, this could have been a pretty good game. However, could-have-been’s are usually last place.

Overall: It seemingly works if you don’t get stuck and there’s at least music to make the painful task of playing the game a little more decent. I’d give you 5 candy bars had I not eaten 3.
Artistical: In the readme it mentions the news item this game is based around. Everything else is pretty bad. But we’re programmers, not artists! Downshift @.
Technical: You CAN get stuck in this game. There’s really no fire and I don’t know if I’d count the background as smoke. That’s a one, chum.
Genre: Uses the sewer to get save the greenies. 2

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 2

Review by Raabinator all reviews by Raabinator

You are a ninja that has to rescue british soldiers captured by irans. Therefore you have to run through the iran sewers.
There are no opponents, so it\'s only run from one point to another.
Gfx is poor. You can\'t identify a ninja or a soldier if it wasn\'t stated in the readme. There is also no animation of the main character. Background of the sewers and the ladders don\'t fit into the game. It looks like the player is flying.
I don\'t see any fire or smoke fx, no points for that.
Captured british soldiers were on the news, so news requirement is fulfilled.
Garbage theme? It plays in the sewers and there is a trash container in the upper left.
There is music but no other sound.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 3

In fear
by muller
all reviews of In fear

Review by guilt all reviews by guilt

This game is an intellectual game. It needs quite a bit of thinking, I believe.

The smoke, fire, garbage all all well touched on. I believe that there isn\'t enough scope for current news events though.

The game is very hard to play, and the aim is to survive.

If i could understand how to play and win, I\'d write a better review :)

The game is a finely finished product.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 3

Global Warming: A Road Adventure
by Hard Rock
all reviews of Global Warming: A Road Adventure

Review by muller all reviews by muller

This game has all the major elements. For me i think there could have been more of the news integrated with a splash screen of some story behind this adventure. This would have made me give it a higher point in the genre category.

besides that, I found it hard, but fun to play. Overall it is good game.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 2

Headline Recycler
by joeld42
all reviews of Headline Recycler

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

This was an interesting game to play. It has a rather unique concept (you put together newspaper headlines from falling words to match current new headlines retrieved from a variety of news websites).

This puts this game by far as the best artistic implementation as it is essential to the game. Also the game is very cleanly structured, performed without a hitch and the presentation is excellent.

However with that said, I couldn\'t bring myself to like this game. It needs some for of added excitement or a twist to make the game unique, no time limit makes the game an exercise of patience rather then enjoyment for example.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 5 Technical 4 Genre 2

Review by Cacodaemon all reviews by Cacodaemon

Headline Recycler is from the technical view a grat game, building news out of news from rss feeds is a gerat idea.
But the game is sometimes frustration if you are waiting one or two minutes for a missing word to complete a headline.
An other negative point on this game is that there is no \"working against the time\" mode in the higher difficulty modes...

This game makes fun and has much potential to be a great game.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 5 Technical 3 Genre 3

Review by muller all reviews by muller

OK, this review might be a little skimpy compared to other people but i will try my best as i am on a mac right now and ran it last week.

-ok So I love the artwork for the game, especially the intro screen.
-the whole realtime news thing is awesome
-i like the interface for clicking on the headlines

-im kind of stupid so i couldn\'t really figure out if there was a \"point\" to the whole cutting and pasting thing. Making some really funny sentences from the things that fell was cool but i just didn\'t get it.
-can\'t remember if there wa fire or something in there.

if anyone sees this and thinks im crazy please let me know... shoot me an email at themuller@gmail.com

knowing how hard it was for me to make my cruddy game i admire what was put into this. Great job overall man!

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 5 Technical 3 Genre 4

by Blackroot
all reviews of DOGI

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Priests
Bad: Priests wielding handguns tsk, tsk.
No random comment for this game, as the story in-game provides enough randomness.

I thought it was weird. Not necessarily bad, but weird. There’s a zany story (that the author obviously didn’t take very seriously) at the beginning and zany characters. Hmmm, this game might have done better at last year’s speedhack. Anyway, at least it’s playable, to some degree. Trying to click the enemies is feverishly annoying.

Overall: There’s a story and a battlefield. But, there’s no music and you can’t die. Well, there’s also some instructions, so that’s a bonus. I guess a very low 3, am I right?
Artistical: I guess it’s kind of based on some kind of news item…Meh, 2.5, another generous 3.
Technical: No fire, no death, glitches in in-between menus and bad gameplay. Smoke effect is pretty neat though. 2.
Genre: Yeah, two.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 2

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

The game starts off with a latter unappealing intro of scrolling text and a flying airplane. While text intros are generally okay, and don\'t really bother me, this one scrolled way too slowly. So the first impressions so far are lacking.

After that there is the option of playing the game, so selected that option my impression changed. The fire in the game firstly, is extremely well done, and looks highly impressive. Also the aiming is extremely proportional to the character, and except for the fact that he can walk on air the character himself is well animated.

With this reaction I proceeded to play the game, which basically allows you to move left and right through the same arena back and forth for every level and always fighting the same enemy, who does the same move, and doesn’t animate at all, unlike your character.

Now repetitive characters and hordes of enemies are by no means always a bad thing just look at Serious Sam, but here I had some issues, firstly with the aiming system, I would have much preferred an abuse style aiming system (Shoot anywhere and bullet fallows vector path) rather then having to try to click on tiny enemies on the screen.

The game is pretty neat for the first bit, but soon gets extremely repetitive (you can\'t lose, the level screen glitches, and all that ever seems to happen is the number of enemies increase).

Artistically the game doesn’t really use any news, rather it would seem the author found news to match his game and not the other way round. Technically as mentioned before the fire and the characters are great but the environment and enemies lacking and in relation to the genre, well aside from the brief intro it’s very lacking in this category.

Certainly it has a lot of potential, and it has some really cool and neat features (the arm aiming fits right in, and the fire is really well done) but as it stands DOGI is not that entertaining on its own. Still a rather cool concept and decent work for the time period allotted. Hopefully the author will continue to work on it.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 1

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

The smoke effect was really cool -- definately one of the best in the compo stylistically. The player and enemies were cool and had personality. The gameplay made me think of Abuse (which is a great game). More variety in the level terrain would be nice, and it was kind of frustrating to shoot at them, I think if you could watch the bullets flying this would be really fun. Overall, excellent start, hope you continue to develop the gameplay!

Overall - Good start, but rather incomplete.

Artistical - Looks great, loose connection to \"news\" but it\'s there.

Technical - The smoke looks fantastic but I didn\'t see any fire FX.

Genre - Garbage plays a role in the backstory, but not much impact on gameplay.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 2 Genre 2

Review by _sven all reviews by _sven

I couldn\'t figure out how the game was related the the meteorite news story that it claims to be based on.

You control what appears to be a wizard guy, and you shoot at these hopping little green dots while a smoke-like effect is constantly going on in the background. The controls are interesting. (Read the documentation for that.)

It looks like this could be expanded in the future to make an interesting game. In its current state, it is not actually what I would call \"playable.\" I hope to see something neat from the author in the future.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 1

Eleven Monkeys
by amarillion
all reviews of Eleven Monkeys

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

This was a pretty interesting game. The graphics are nicely animated, the smoke is smooth and the concept is really cool. It\'s sort of like Pacman except with a twist, that the monkeys can only follow you on paths you have moved on, which is a really neat idea.

In theory this would be cool, if it worked for the fact that the game has some serious flaws. First the monkeys for the most part only go up and down and never really try to chase you. Secondly, you can drive off the screen and hide if they ever do. And thirdly the game plays the same on every level each time. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to continuing to play except for small variations in the between each level.

However on the positive side, with a bit of work this game could really work, the concept is novel and with some work it could be something special.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 5

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

Very fun. Well done and looks good. The monkeys are great.

Overall: Fun game. Good use of garbage and monkeys.
Artistical: Good.. Looks great and there was news in there.
Technical: Both smoke and fire, looked good and had some connection to gameplay
Genre: Great idea of digging through garbage! This was a lot of fun

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 3

Review by Cacodaemon all reviews by Cacodaemon

Eleven Monkeys is an nice game,
it contains fire and smoke and makes use of the trash theme.
The Fire effect is very nice but the smoke looks very static.
The enemys are a littlebit stupid and often all Monkeys are going the same way wich makes it easy to kill all at the same time when they all are at one position.
Because of the not very clever enemys the game becomes very fast boring but I think with an better ai this game could becom very funny.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 3

Review by muller all reviews by muller

hmm not much to say, i personally hate to play this game, but friend liked it

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 3

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

Giving me a mixed first impression with an ugly looking menu with
awesome music, this game turned out to be the game i liked the most.
The graphics are great for a weekends work, featuring eleven
cool-looking animated monkeys, two bull-dozer drivers and a garbage
heap with windows logos in it (nice!). Enought sweet talk: the
game resembles packman, the largest difference is that you create
the paths yourself with your bulldozer, this isn\'t as fun as it
sounds, because the AI sucks(understandable) and it\'s practically
impossible to lose. I don\'t know what eleven over-sized monkeys
have to do with the news so i guess there is nothing to say
about the artistical part of this game other than that it dosen\'t
exist(however, the news plays a part in the game such as in between
levels and in the story). You drive a bulldozer around in a garbage
heap, and that\'s it for the genre part. As for the technical part
it has both fire and smoke effects, on the contrary to the fire
effect the smoke effect is very weak, small black circles comes
from the bulldozer and the source of the smoke dosen\'t even change
when you turn your bulldozer around.. Can\'t complain about the
gameplay, except from the stupid enemies and monotonous maps.

Reading the readme makes me very sad, the music isn\'t original,
nor is some of the graphics, the code reuse (main loop, menu,
resource management, object handling) seems to be a lot
and therefor i don\'t respect the game as much as i did before,
but it\'s still great, and it\'s still my fav.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 3

Iran Wars
by Simon Parzer
all reviews of Iran Wars

Review by amarillion all reviews by amarillion

This game is based on the story of the UK Marines captured by the Iranian military, a recent story that hit news channels around the world. The hero is an angry citizen desparate to do something about the situation.

Patriotic as it may be, what he does next doesn\'t seem to be the smartest course of action. Wearing nothing but the Union Jack, he drops in Iranian territory in search for the missing marines. All alone, with only a puny little pistol to defend himself.

Lucky for you, the author of this game never had time to add real enemies to the game. Otherwise, no doubt, you would have seriously failed your mission. All that happens now is that you, the hero walk across garbage heaps, dodging the occasional Barrel that is thrown at you (Supposedly the barrel is filled with Oil? I guess they have plenty of Oil). But you must avoid the barrels at all cost because if they hit you there is an explosion which results in the bloody amputation of both your legs and the end of the game for you. Luckily this is not how the news story unfolded in reality. I\'m not sure it would have been a good ending this way.

The background, which scrolls at a slower speed than the foreground, displays a slightly blurry garbage heap, which actually gives it a nice depth effect. Also, the terrain is varying in height which is a nice technical touch. You can jump, you can duck, you can shoot your gun although there is nothing to shoot at.

Ok, so the author apologizes in the readme because the game was written in only a single day. This shows. Still I\'m going to give it a 3 for artistical, because of the relation to the current news event.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 1 Genre 2

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

A simple game where you walk right across some dynamic terrain (this part of the game is pretty neat, also you characters walks up and down as he moves on it, a nice touch), trying to jump over barrels and shooting. When you shoot you get points. When you jump over barrels you get points. You can’t actually hit anything by shooting and once you hit a barrel the game is over, it makes you wonder why you actually carry a gun?

A okay game, but it probably won’t entertain for very long at all.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 3

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

Pretty impressive for just having one day to work on it. It seemed to lock up when I died though. Nice graphics and funny concept.

Overall -- A good start. music is a plus.
Artistical -- Definately based on current events, and good graphics too.
Technical -- Nice multiplane scrolling. But the smoke/fire was kind of weak. :)
Genre -- I didn\'t see any garbage.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 2

Review by Cacodaemon all reviews by Cacodaemon

I played this game but i think it is not complete i coudnt see any dynamic fire or smoke... .
The Trash Theme is not supportet only the News Theme is integrated... .
This game dosent makes fun ist just jumping over barrels? and when they hit you i think the game is over... .
You can shoot too but ther barrels? cant be destroyed.

With some enemys and some effects it could be more but at this moment ist just a demo and no game wich make fun to play.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 1 Technical 1 Genre 2

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

You walk and try to jump over small stuff that blow
your legs of if you don\'t jump over them.. FIN.
Not really, the ONLY thing that i could consider good
in this game was that the terrain was randomized,
(at least i looks like it is) and it would have been fun
if there actually was something to do on it. There is
something called score which you increase by jumping
over the bombs and by shooting.. i don\'t know what this
game is about.. maybe you play the role of a manianic
brittan who who\'s on a killing spree... the readme says
something about a British soldier in Iraq bla bla...
no smoke as far as i can see, the fire however does
exist.. but i don\'t think it\'ll qualify as
\"made on the fly\". Ok, garbage heaps in the background
acceptable, garbage bombs? not accepted..
\"garbage all over his body\" funny, not true.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 1 Technical 2 Genre 1

by darkbits
all reviews of Ballz

Review by amarillion all reviews by amarillion

In this game you control ballz, a genetically manipulated ball specialized in close combat and ball warefare (as a molecular biology major I must strongly object to this kind of unscientific nonsense, but luckily it is of no importance this review). Ballz may be a ball which has mastered speech and intellect, but that doesn\'t mean he has full control over his movements. No, Ballz, being a mere ball, can only do two things: 1) roll forward at uniform speed and 2) bounce. And only by timing Ballz\' bounces in an excruciatingly exact manner is it that you get him through this game.

All this results in very inovative gameplay. By making precisely timed jumps you must make your way through 18 levels. The main goal is to simply reach the exit of the level, but you also have to collect all the yellow stars you find on the way to unlock the next level. Collecting stars is optional in that you can finish a level without them. However, you really need to get almost all simply to unlock the next level.

Now this all starts out simple enough. You jump a little here, a little there, collect the stars, find the exit and there you go. From about level 6 though, it gets very challenging.

More depth is added to the gameplay with several new game elements that are added as you progress to newer levels. You\'ll encounter fire and spike blocks that kill you instantly. There is water in which you float. There are blocks that crumble after you touch them once. Also, after level 6 or so you get a new ability, a special super jump that lets you rush horizontal in mid-air. All this really keeps the interest in the game high, and really makes you want to continue playing the game. For this review I only managed to play until level 10, so there may be even more surprises that I don\'t yet know about. But I\'ll definitely keep trying to get to the end of the game.

This game was made by a team of four and that shows. In my opinion this game has the most polish and the highest replay value of all entries. I haven\'t even mentioned the level intro sequences and the pretty artwork. There is a catchy tune playing in the background. The game is balanced, easy in the beginning but challenging near the end, with constantly new elements being added to keep the gameplay interesting. Now having said all that, the implementation of the garbage theme is a bit weak. Therefore I award high scores in all categories except the genre category.

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 2

Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Good? How ‘bout great!
Bad: Extremely difficult at points, making it extremely frustrating.
Best Characters of TINS 07

Holy cow this game is out of control awesome. Now, read that sentence again and see if it makes any sense. Sure, it doesn’t and is filled with slang, but it was fun to say. Ballz doesn’t make sense either, but it sure is fun to play.

Hands down the best game of TINS ’07. In fact, I’m curious to put this game versus last year’s awesome game Dodger. Which would be better? Sometimes I wonder why we have to say which game is better, because they’re both a blast, both extremely well done (and rare at the same time, delicious).

Ballz is extremely polished, with a fully functional title screen, credits section and 18 levels of gaming awesomeness. There’s even a story to go along with it. Yeah, you might say it doesn’t count as a story, but rather a bad back-alley play, but each character has his characteristics. You could almost take away the faces and know who is talking. That’s what’s called brilliant dialogue, even if the topics are ludicrous.

I spent an hour playing this game, loving every moment of the overly simplistic movements and periodic power ups (that give it that juicy flavor). I’m proud to say I got to level 13 all by my lonesome, but then it was just beyond my ability. However, it wasn’t beyond my ability to hack the game and see the later levels and ending story. Let’s just say, level 13 is easy compared to those later levels.

I read some reviews above complaining about having to listen to the story line every time. You can just press Esc to skip it. That’s what’s so amazing about this game, typically, if you have a complaint about it, it’s not the game’s fault, it’s yours. I spent forever playing level 10 and decided it was impossible. Well, I found out I could get enough stars to bypass it altogether (gotta love that Mario64 star-collecting style). The next level you get a new ability that helps you in level 10. Ingenious.

Team Darkbits, I beg you to make a sequel. You freakin’ gave me blue ballz! Yeah, your game turns me on… meow.

Overall: See above: 5 out of 5!
Artistical: The professor has another role besides being goofy, to relay a few of the TINS requirements. He jumps in at one time to directly relay some news. So, technically, this rule was just barely satisfied, but the actual art of this game is so sweet, it deserves a 4.
Technical: No bugs, the smoke fits perfectly in the environment, the fire is not very impressive, but works. I’ll give you an 83%, which is a 4/5.
Genre: Once again the professor jumps into mention the garbage requirement, which is good for a laugh. And it does have a few levels in the sewer. Yeah, I’m giving it a 4, so what if I’m biased?

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 4

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

By far the best game of Tins, it has excellent quality, and production. Ballz is a unique plat former, very entertaining and defiantly cool. The ball you control rolls and you simply react by either jumping or activating power ups which can be unlocked to try to collect all the items in the level. Before some levels you’ll get briefed on your mission and your purpose which is nice.

Since I\'ve been giving negative feedback for each game this one isn\'t without it faults. This is a game which the rules were worked or hacked in, rather then a game built around the rules. Not a bad thing, but it is against the spirit of a compo in some ways.

Rather then going on much more on the game for this review, I\'ll just say that this is the must play game for TINS.

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 3

Review by Simon Parzer all reviews by Simon Parzer

This is what I call the best game in TINS07. Very nice graphics and effects, challenging gameplay, a solid engine, and even some dialogue-style cutscenes. After looking at the sourcecode I\'m not very convinced that the entry was entirely written during TINS, also the requirements are only loosely implemented (one small news item at the beginning, no garbage, fire and smoke hardly ever used in the gameplay).

These suspicions aside, it\'s a very entertaining game that even may be addicting for several days. The only thing is that the levels start getting very hard after level 10 or so. I couldn\'t bring up the motivation to play further after I tried a level about 20 times without success.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 5 Genre 2

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

Wow.. this game was unbelievable for being done in a weekend. Hats off. Gameplay, a story, smoke, fire, it had everything. Fantastic work. And origional and fun gameplay on top of all that!

Overall -- Great work. Gameplay was new and fun. Nice puzzle/action mix.
Artistical -- Great graphics, and current event showed up in the storyline.
Technical -- Amazing technical acheivement.
Genre -- Not quite sure how it related to \"garbage\" tho...

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 5 Technical 5 Genre 4

Review by muller all reviews by muller

very fun to play

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 5 Technical 4 Genre 5

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

While undoubtly being the best game at tins 07\' this game
still dosen\'t really make me feel like \"wow\", the gameplay
is about reaction, there\'s no puzzle solving nor action
just plain \"press a key\", while that might be fun for some
people i\'m a fan of control and i would have appreciated
to have a bit more to do (you do however, get some special
powers which do give you a bit more control). I\'m not
saying the game was easy because it certainly wasn\'t, but
trying to jump over that f***** thing a hundred times
didn\'t really make me feel good.. actually, i have a great
temperament when it comes to games, but Ballz almost made me
angry with it\'s \"stupidity\". The graphics are nice, the
game seems well programmed and there\'s not much left to
complain about ... just kidding: the thing i hated the
most and what probably made me dislike ballz was the
dialogs you tried to skip as fast as you could but you
ended up wasting about 90% of your time on it..
also the map design felt like it was made with this guide
line: \"oh, this will add a few seconds to finish the map\"..
ok, it might be fun to try to beat your current \"best time\",
but sometimes i just felt like i wanted to tear the map
into pieces! :). also: the garbage part suck..
Anyway, great game Team Darkbits!

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 5 Technical 4 Genre 1

OMG Garbage
by BAF
all reviews of OMG Garbage

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

Normally I like adventure games. Really, I\'m a huge fan and I even try to support the genre by buying its latest games such as the new Broken Sword.

But this has some horrendous art (draw in paint for sure) I guess with the intent of trying to add humour to supplement for the clear lack of talent in the artistic drawings (now I can\'t draw any better.... but this is not pleasant on the eyes one bit).

The story is fairly weak (the most important part of an adventure game), what’s interesting is the supposedly powerful scripting engine going on underneath, and hopefully the team will spend some time on trying to get something solid out of it, as the current graphical showcase is definitely lacking.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 1 Technical 3 Genre 1

Review by Simon Parzer all reviews by Simon Parzer

This aims to be a typical point-and-click adventure game. It\'s a pity that there are no real graphics (very basic paint gfx and no animations), as graphics are very important in that type of game. Also, there is basically no story, and the engine severely lacks functionality (no saved location states, if you leave-and-enter a location, all items are there again).

All in all a nice attempt, but the game is finished in

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 1 Technical 3 Genre 1

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

I love adventure games so you get points just for making one. And a complete winnable game, too, even though a little short. Nice work. And so true about 4 am...

Overall -- finished, playable. Nice.
Artistical -- it had artwork.. with shading and purple garbage. Not much \"news\" though.
Technical -- Impressive, inventory, scrolling, different rooms. Smoke/fire weren\'t really FX though.
Genre -- The main obstacle was getting past a big mound of garbage, so that fits the theme!

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 2 Technical 4 Genre 3

Review by darkbits all reviews by darkbits

This is the first time I\'ve seen an adventure game in TINS. Very cool, since I like adventure game.

However, the adventure genre might not be best genre for TINS. Lots of content, like storyline and graphics is needed. The engine feels pretty solid, but the game is very short and the puzzles that the player have to solve are insulting to the players intellect, at best.

The graphics are, well, ultra-dadaist, but provide a good laugh. Extra bonus for the comments about TINS at the end =).

There is lots of garbage in the game (purple garbage), but there seems to be no references to current events in the game. There is fire and smoke, but they are not proceduraly generated.

So, in essence:
Thumbs up for genre choice.
Thumbs down for short and boring.

Would love to se a proper (non-TINS) adventure game from you guys in the future!

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 1 Technical 2 Genre 3

Gangs of Garbage City
by BigBrain
all reviews of Gangs of Garbage City

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

A rather simple game, this one consists of you running and collecting garbage bags and putting them on a truck. Now to be honest if I was this guy I\'d quit my job since the people of this city seem to have no respect whatsoever for the poor garbage collector.

So basically you hop, dodge and collect garbage to put on your truck and save the world from global warming. An okay concept but the game is rather simple, and the concept seems to get really boring fast (especially since you truck always likes to stay a good 30 feet behind you (What a nice guy, he likes to make you walk 20 seconds per garbage bag). This provides little incentive to pass through all 26 (wow that’s a lot) levels.

On okay game that could do with some variety and enhancement. A solid attempt for the time period.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 4

Review by joeld42 all reviews by joeld42

Cool game. I like that there are a lot of levels and a little variety. Nice twist in that you weren\'t tring to shoot the enemies, just clean up their garbage and avoid them. I liked the retro isometric look of it, too. I did get stuck between some of the crates sometimes tho.

Overall -- Good work, playable and lots of levels.
Artistical -- Decent gfx, and some connection to the news (but im not sure heat waves cause garbage to spontaniously combust)
Technical -- playable engine, lots of levels. The smoke and fire looked pretty good and were important to gameplay.
Genre -- Definately a game about garbage, and a good use of garbage for gameplay

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 4

Review by darkbits all reviews by darkbits

When starting the game it gives a very promising impression, the graphics are good, the main character is cute and there is garbage all over the place and as you play the game garbage needs to be collected before it sets on fire. However, the game quickly tends to get quite boring. Most of the time is spent on looking at the main character walking back and forth to the garbage truck. It would have been nice if that process could be speeded up or perhaps changed so the main character kicks the garbage into the truck. Another problem with the game is that as a player there is not much to do in order to become better, the game itself is quite easy and the game mechanics are simply to simple.

Thumbs up for good graphics and fire and smoke effects.
Thumbs down for overall gameplay.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 4

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

Collecting garbage is the meaning of this game, and
spending a lot of time looking at your character walk
between the garbage and the garbage truck apparently.
This results in you not wanting to play anymore when you
see 20 garbage object and easily multiply that with the
time it takes to dispose of them, \"monster kill\".
The graphics isn\'t really the best, but they\'re ok.
It has fire and smoke, which looks strange. You can
walk of the map and fall down into the endless pits of
hell! but you won\'t lose untill the Ozone-o-meter hits
the top. A few ememies turn up in later levels and add
a bit of variation to the game, they\'re pretty harmless
thought. The Game crashes when you close it with the
esc key.. unless you\'re in the main menu. GoGC could
have been much better i feel, but time isn\'t an
infinite resource right? :).

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 3

Space Junk
by graue
all reviews of Space Junk

Review by Hard Rock all reviews by Hard Rock

In this game you pilot a plane and try to dodge space aliens, showering garbage and some strange golden arches which I can\'t explain. The premise is okay and the game plays fine. I would have liked the plane to be able to move a bit faster, but the controls are responsive.

A neat touch is the included collision; space junk can collide, change direction or explode which adds a nice touch to the game. The environments are also well coloured and attractive looking.

Where the game lacks like many games, is on following the rules. There isn’t any real dynamic fire (its part of a few sprites) and the news is strange to say the least and can\'t figure out where the aliens fit in, but other then that there’s not much to complain about.

Overall a good entry.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 4

Review by BigBrain all reviews by BigBrain

You have to avoid meteroids, garbage thrown by some blue things, aliens and some brackets. The overall game is good, but the graphics are lacking a bit.

To the artistical rule: the backgrounds and aliens are quite nice, but the airplane, brackets and \"blue things\" aren\'t very amazing and I don\'t think a news event only few people have heard about is a good idea for this competition.

On the technical side, I give probs for the smoke effect, which fits well to the aliens, as well as the fire effect, but this one doesn\'t look really good as it just fills about 7x3 pixels area and so doesn\'t really look dynamically generated. A plus also for the pixel-perfect collision detection (though this one is copied, but no matter).

The theme of the game doesn\'t really fit together I fear. On the one hand there are aliens and meteroids, but on the other hand these blue things throwing garbage to you and the brackets. A few more explanation about this in the readme wouldn\'t have been bad, so my score here will just be 2.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 2

Review by Blackroot all reviews by Blackroot

This game is strange, first it gave me a bad impression,
then it gave me a good one, just to go back to being bad.
The first thing you face in-game is small pieces of a
meteorite or something which feels kinda cool, they collide
into each other giving birth to smaller pieces, and they do
different amount of damage on you, the biggest pieces burns
in an unrealistic way and look more like small torches but
at least it\'s fire, after the first wave things go bad,
there\'s small blue stuff shooting white/grey stuff and
aliens flying in some sort of spaceship which looks like
a bad made rock with a strange fire like effect behind.
the worst encounter was the blocks... i seriously can\'t
think of something it could represent.. anyway, after
the unidentifiable stuff the waves reset and you face the
metroids again, i don\'t know if the difficulty increases
but i played a long time without noticing much, it makes
good use of a current event(not current anymore) and you
play \"inside\" it.

I may have sounded a little to positive, but please note
that a lot of things still sucks. :).

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 2 Genre 2

Garbage Man Stan
by Onewing
all reviews of Garbage Man Stan

Review by graue all reviews by graue

Seems like one of the more polished entries in the competition.

The smoke and fire effects look excellent, and the graphics are generally very well-done.

The garbage theme is very well integrated into the game, and the appearance of the garbage is very garbage-like.

The news aspect of the game is also very appropriate and well-integrated, though it could have been nice to see it explained within the game.

Overall, though, a polished and enjoyable product.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 5

Review by BigBrain all reviews by BigBrain

In Garbage Man Stan you control garbage burners. You have to press the numpad keys as often as you can to burn all the garbage. The game gets 3 points for overall gameplay by me.

On the artistical side, I have to praise Onewing for the amazing garbage trucks. Also, the background effect (day-night changement) is a nice detail. I also like the way the garbage in the burners is represented. I will give 4 points for that.

The technical side of the game is also convincing. The smoke effect is simple (filled ellipses), but it looks good. The fire is also nice to look at. However, the news event (burning garbage and environmental pollution) describes the situation of the game, but doesn\'t really has any influence on what the player has to do. So it\'s a 3 for the technicals.

The game concept itself is very round, i.e. all game elements fit together. However, it gets quite boring after few minutes, as all you have to do is pressing buttons as often as you can. Here there\'ll be 3 points, too.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 3

Review by Cacodaemon all reviews by Cacodaemon

Its an nice game wich reminds me on the old c64 games like \"summer games\" where u hand to push a button very often to ran as fast as u can.
The smoke and fire effects are very nice...
Sometimes the game dosent has a end and you can play as long your fingers can ;)...

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 5 Genre 2