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The competition is on its way! -

Rules for resurrection hack

(suggested rules by Edgar Reynaldo and others)

Since this is an informal hack, we need to discuss the rules and what is considered participation in the hack, and how long it should be etc...

For example, I think positive participation for the hack could be to resurrect a depot game with available source code and hack it for three days. You could port it from Allegro 4 to Allegro 5, add a feature, fix some bugs, update code, do whatever you want with it. And it doesn't have to be someone else's code it can be your own code, and it doesn't have to be from the depot, that was just an example.

I say 72 hours from Friday 6PM until Monday 6PM or Noon UTC or Midnight UTC or whatever 3 days later. Or maybe we could spend a whole week on a hack. That's a more realistic expectation. You do have to understand someone else's code, or else your own old stinky code you would rather replace.

You could port an old game to another language, or just give it a fresh update with new binaries from new compilers and new libraries.

Or if you're feeling artistic, make an art pack for an old game with bad graphics.

Take something dead, and make it alive. ;D xD

Participation could be as simple as reviving some old forum code that you think is too cool to die.

For example, I found Bloobs! by Johan Peitz and recompiled it from source. I slowed down the timer a bit so you could see what is going on. Hold tab to run full speed.

see also

Rules are still being discussed, see: https://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/617299