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NunoMartinez Mon 2 Apr 18, 10:37

I've uploaded a new version that fixes a few things. Still not a game, but now when energy is less than 0 the ship explodes.

NunoMartinez Mon 2 Apr 18, 08:36

I don't know if I'll have time to finish the game, so I've uploaded it as it is now.

You'll have to compile by yourself (hasn't time to compile for Windows) but don't worry: I've added instructions at the README.txt.

MarkOates Mon 2 Apr 18, 05:45

(Warning, double post from https://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/617299/1036435#target):

Alright, well here's my "entry": MarkOates-EasterHack-2018.zip (https://www.allegro.cc/files/attachment/611382). Not much evolved from the original game, but some refactors were introduced. Notably:

1. Half finished inventory screen
2. Enemies can now take damage with a punch
3. MotionFX (for animation like damage points, flares, explosions, and other one-offs).
4. Main player can now take damage and die, though it's not reflected in the UI, and damages are registered twice for some reason.
5. Joystick support, except it's wacky for XBox 360 D-pads
6. New title screen
7. Embraced events.

If you wanna look at the change log, here's the repo that started as a direct copy of the original game files:


elias Mon 2 Apr 18, 04:30

Added the BFG and a ton of other stuff.

It does not fit into a 5 MB .zip so I won't upload it on the TINS site, but the final game is here:


Btw. thanks a lot Mark Oates and amarillion and everyone else who participated, this was a lot of fun! (And gave me something to do while staying at inlaws over the Easter weekend...)

SiegeLord Mon 2 Apr 18, 03:36

The intention of porting an existing source directly was to minimize the amount of effort on my part, but even with this approach this was a struggle. Either way, I think I managed to make a slight improvement to the original game... if nothing else, it does not require dosbox anymore. As part of testing this, I got pretty good at this game, but it's definitely a learning curve.

The source, ultimately, is a mess... it really needs a complete rewrite that I'd love to do sometime... but not at this time in my life.

NunoMartinez Sun 1 Apr 18, 20:18

I've spent some time adding properties and methods to the "Ship" object. For example, I hadn't a "Ship.ShootLaser" method so all the calculations and stuff were done in the control code. The problem would appear in the future, when I'll add AI opponents and networking game. Or may be not.

Anyway, code is a little more clear now.

At the moment I haven't more time. May be tomorrow I can add the explosion and the game-end condition.

SiegeLord Sun 1 Apr 18, 18:33

The goal for this day is mostly to get a slightly better UI, maybe clean up some code. So far I basically made all of the old game compiling, save for the pause menu. One improvement I already implemented is making the ocean scroll horizontally... so you can tell if you're changing heading or not...

Bugsquasher Sun 1 Apr 18, 17:48

I've started ripping out the old guts to replace it with new ones. First thing I did was cut out the MENUE screen because it depended on my old Eagle4 gui. Now I have to port the working crippled version to allegro 5 and eagle 5. NSND for now.

NunoMartinez Sun 1 Apr 18, 17:45

It took some time but finally we have weapons. Well, only one: the laser beam. But it works and drains shield.

Now, make the ships explode and then I have a game.

MarkOates Sun 1 Apr 18, 13:49

I finally got some inventory working and the player character has a new "block" skill!

I've also abstracted the input layer and now have some joystick support! :) The signaling on the XBox 360 controller is strange with the d-pad and right stick, but I can figure that out later.

NunoMartinez Sun 1 Apr 18, 09:22

Good morning!

We have energy and shield monitors!

elias Sun 1 Apr 18, 03:38

Final screenshot for today.

I have two more levels to wire in tomorrow. All weapons except BFG are implemented (mostly were already, only made some slight adjustments). Maybe I'll add the BFG tomorrow if I can come up with some easy to do mechanism. Maybe it just sends a plasma bolt towards every monster on the screen.