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Friday 23 March 2018
There will be a spur-of-the-moment competition coming up called "resurrection hack". Rules are still under discussion at allegro.cc!

Sunday 26 November 2017
The votes are in, and here are the results: https://tins.amarillion.org/2017/results/ Enjoy this compilation video of all TINS 2017 entries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbHNcPQeTCk

Friday 20 October 2017
The competition has started! Here are the additional rules: https://tins.amarillion.org/2017/rules/. Don't forget to check the logs: https://tins.amarillion.org/2017/log/

Saturday 23 September 2017
Yes, you should join a Speedhack too! Would you like to know why? https://blog.helixsoft.nl/128/the-many-benefits-of-speedhacking/

Sunday 21 May 2017
TINS 2017 will be held from October 20 to 23. This is still quite far away, so put it in your Agenda so you won't forget!