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NunoMartinez Thu 31 Dec 20, 20:03

So it is finished. Now I'll see if it works on Windows, write some instructions, pack and upload.

Happy New Year!

NunoMartinez Thu 31 Dec 20, 13:46

You know, life is strange.

I was decided to create may Apology Card. Since the engine works I thought I can make an interactive one using it. And it is a game. The thing is that it meets some of the wishes.

So finally My Secret Giftee will have a game.

You lucky guy.

NunoMartinez Wed 30 Dec 20, 12:18

I did it wrong.

Besides I worked less time than expected wasting time in things that might be used in more productive ways, right now I have the engine working BUT I have no idea about the game scenery, characters or even goals.

I'm embarrassed and very sorry for my Santa.

NunoMartinez Mon 21 Dec 20, 21:04

I was in the verge of giving up because I realized that making an interactive fiction in English wasn't the smartest idea since I'm Spanish. Then I thought twice that maybe the game will not be the best but I don't want to add another unfinished project to the list so I continue working.

I have not found yet the bug, maybe I've fixed it while porting the engine to Allegro5. Now it is able to describe the scene and you can walk around the map.

It mixes Spanish and English because I'm using an old adventure I wrote with the old version of the engine. Fortunatelly all stuff, including verbs and messages, are in data-files, not in code, so it is easy to translate.

NunoMartinez Thu 17 Dec 20, 19:43

This is hard. I'm tempted to rewrite every single line of the engine but I must just fix what's broken and nothing more.

At the moment the scripting engine loads correctly and the "methods" I've checked are OK. That means I still don't know why the engine is broken.

NunoMartinez Wed 16 Dec 20, 21:34

I hadn't as much time as I wish to work on the game, but anyway some work was done.

Parser works again (yay!). And also, despite it was designed to parse Spanish, it can deal with English too.

Fix included a memory leak so 10/10.

NunoMartinez Tue 15 Dec 20, 21:53

I was quite blocked.

Then I realized two of the wishes matches with an interactive fiction, and I have an engine to build such games.

But the engine is broken (not sure, but I think it is the compiler version). Anyway the engine is simple enough to be fixed and upgraded (I made it using Allegro 4).

I don't know about the goal or the history, or if my secret Santa will like it, but right now it is what it is...

NunoMartinez Sat 12 Dec 20, 20:41

Finally, here it is my wishlist:

* Fast game. I mean that you can play a complete "play" in few minutes.
* Minimalistic graphics. Don't make them complex.
* Finally, select one of your own wishes.