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SiegeLord Fri 1 Jan 21, 03:34
(This post is marked spoiler. It will be hidden for some viewers)

Uploaded my entry, and here's a windows binary: http://siegelord.net/files/Repercussion2_WinBin.7z

Had some last minute bugs and balance issues. Also I think the game is poorly optimized... I certainly saw some CPU-related stutter on my old laptop... maybe I'll optimize it post-competition if people complain.

Jeez, just get a Threadripper, it's 2020 (or 2021 I suppose) after all!

SiegeLord Thu 31 Dec 20, 11:29

I think I'm done for now. While I still have 24 hours left, in principle, I really don't feel like working on this anymore. I'll spend the remaining time just packaging it, making sure it works on a non-threadripper system etc. I am happy with how it turned out.

SiegeLord Wed 30 Dec 20, 22:54

Today's the last full day to work on this. To keep myself focused (and for my own amusement), I'll be streaming my work at

Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled, however!

SiegeLord Sat 26 Dec 20, 10:58
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I worked some on UI and also making construction/unit training not be instant (pretty tricky actually). I made good progress, but there's still some work left to do (e.g. a minimap and also resource utilization/tracking).

I think I'm still on track, but I might need to take off an extra day off work to finish things.

Tomorrow is the remains of the of the UI, and then I get to work on gas canister!

Here's a video of the progress on the UI:


SiegeLord Thu 24 Dec 20, 10:23
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Added some harvesting logic and some farmers! Now you can train farmers and send them off to harvest mushrooms and crystals!


SiegeLord Tue 22 Dec 20, 08:54
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Added mushroom farms... sadly, right now mushrooms are treated as belonging to an enemy team, so the tractors end up attacking them.

SiegeLord Mon 21 Dec 20, 05:42
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Tough day today, but I got a semi-working version of building orders and you can now also construct units from buildings... it's all hacked up and everything is instant, but it's fine for now.


SiegeLord Sun 20 Dec 20, 10:34
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Started on the "build structure" order.

Also, spent a lot of time figuring out how to correctly sort isometric tiles... I concluded that the "right" algorithm is untenable, so I hacked up a quick version based on the `y` coordinate + cludge for the sprite height. I may switch to proper z-buffering later.

SiegeLord Sun 20 Dec 20, 03:26
(This post is marked spoiler. It will be hidden for some viewers)

A small update, I put the tiles into the game. I had to re-render the tiles as I got the sizes wrong, but now it looks okay (I am missing floors from the wall tiles, yes.) Here's a mini-video of the what that looks like: http://slabode.exofire.net/files/repercussion2_scn6.webm

A nice feature of Rust which came in handy here is pattern matching. I use it to pattern match the solidity of the tiles as a quick-and-dirty way to assign tile indices to the tiles. E.g. here's an excerpt for matching an outer corner facing north-east:

match (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7, s8, s9)
// ...
(_ , false, _ ,
true , true , false,
true , true , _ ,
) => 9,
// ...

The pattern describes a 3x3 neighborhood around a central tile. `true` means that the tile is solid and `false` is empty, while `_` is a wildcard.

I think it's a nice example of the code structure really matching up to the visuals.

SiegeLord Sat 19 Dec 20, 10:07

Worked a lot on unit orders today. Now units can attack, retaliate... I added a basic weapon so they can now damage each other. I still need a few more order types, but it's good enough for now. I've started making the graphics for the terrain... again, in Blender but rendered in a pixellated way. Haven't inserted them into the game yet, however (the screenshot is just a mockup) that's for tomorrow.

SiegeLord Fri 18 Dec 20, 10:27

Not much done today, but I did start working on sprites. I am going for a pixel-art vibe, but since my units will have 8 rotations, I want to try to produce pixel-art-like stuff using Blender as a starting point. We'll see how it goes, but for now here's a screenshot of one of the units (it's very rough, so not marking this as a spoiler yet):

SiegeLord Thu 17 Dec 20, 09:38

A fun development day. I added a full physics engine, but then removed it entirely as it just wasn't adding anything. Instead, I finished up my pathfinding implementation, and now my little units are mostly capable of maneuvering around each other!