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NunoMartinez Mon 16 Dec 19, 16:16

This is taking longer than expected due to stupid mistakes in the WIP engine I'm using. Fortunately it means that after this Krampus my engine will be more stable and with way less bugs than before.

Right now it loads all data and I prepared a play-field to test player abilities. That will not be the final sprite for player, but this way it has no clues about wishes and such...

NunoMartinez Sun 15 Dec 19, 19:30

Not as happy as I would be, since I planned to have the player wandering the map right now, but since I'm using a WIP version of the engine I had some troubles (I've take note to improve the engine later). Anyway, the engine (MinGRO) is doing its work.

So I have the map and paralax scroll up and running. At the moment I'm using a sprlib tileset as placeholder and a fast doodle for the background.

As a SIDE NOTE: Please, please, PLEASE, do not submit HUGE SCREENSHOTS. It breaks my browser (Links). Thanks. :)

NunoMartinez Sun 15 Dec 19, 17:40

First screenshot. I love when you can see residual VRAM.

NunoMartinez Sat 14 Dec 19, 12:59

Yesterday I was a bit intimidated by te wishes, but today it is not at all. Maybe because I'm using the Game Design Canvas.

Initially I thought to make a Zelda-style game but finally I'll make a platformer. Four levels with a plot-twist. I hope he'll like it.

NunoMartinez Fri 6 Dec 19, 11:18

This is my wishlist:

* Arcade. Can be action, adventure, puzzle or whatever, but think about good-old arcade games, you insert a token, press 1P and start to play. And also simple input: a joystick and a couple of action buttons.

* It would be cool if it is moddable. I mean, a way to modify or add content (levels, characters, items) to the game without modifying the sources. If you'll add scripting, make it simple (no C#, JavaScript or similar). A list of commands or a definition file are enough in a lot of cases. (I like QuickBASIC *wink* *wink*).

* Fun.

That's all.