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NunoMartinez Sun 29 Dec 19, 10:39

I know it is late but due to personal issues I'm out Krampus this year too. Right now I have just a tech demo I would try to upload to the site if I have time to compile on Windows (I was using Linux).

I hope that Amarillion is able to apply rule 4. Dropping Out.

NunoMartinez Tue 24 Dec 19, 17:37

I'm still dealing with the enemy code. It must work perfect. I can define 8 different enemies per level, and use up to 80 enemies in total. RIght now seems to work so I'll start designing the four levels and start to create the data files the 26th december.

Merry Christmas everybody.

NunoMartinez Mon 23 Dec 19, 14:23

Here you have, the first enemies. They just wanders back and forward and don't harm the player yet, but core is up and running.

Now, I was thinking about how to create the enemy AI, hardcoded in the executable, or scripting? Well, but I think I'll do a mix of both. I'll create several hardcoded enemies but they'll load some parameters from an INI file. This way you can change not only the speed or the range of action but also the chances to do something (for example, the chance to shoot a projectile), as well as to use different graphics and animations (thanks to the engine this part is very flexible).

NunoMartinez Sat 21 Dec 19, 20:18

Finished the refactorization. Fortunately it was mostly copy-and-paste, and since I use verbose naming and lots of comments explaining things it was easy to locate everything. Now it should be easy add enemies, effects and NPCs.

As a side effect, executable is slightly smaller but sources seems bigger.

NunoMartinez Sat 21 Dec 19, 17:49

I did a big mistake:

I was so anxious to start coding that I didn't an initial planning, but I was planning as I finish goals. So yesterday started with enemies, but again I didn't plan everything so when I start to code I realized I didn't foresaw things that I need and I have to change part of my internal design (not the engine fortunately). I hope I'll finish refactoring today.

NunoMartinez Thu 19 Dec 19, 20:47

I had a free hour so I decided to make some changes to the data file organization. I think now it is more clean.

NunoMartinez Thu 19 Dec 19, 12:46

I was working cleaning the sources, because it started to be a mess and I don't want to waste much time looking for stuff later.

Also I've added beautif... I mean, deadly spikes, so now player can die. At the moment, dying just resets the map. Later I'll add lives and game-over.

NunoMartinez Wed 18 Dec 19, 22:18

This screenshot was hard to made. Player is on a moving platform. If you've tried to make one of this you know it is harder than it looks, even in modern engines like Unitiy (there are enough tutorials in YouTube to fill your hard-disk).

But finally, here it is. You can jump on it, it carries you, then you can jump out (that was the trickiest part of all).

Oh, and the grey box with the green spot is a different kind of switch: it deploys the bridge and starts the platform movement.

Tomorrow more.

NunoMartinez Wed 18 Dec 19, 11:08

I have switches, plates and doors (that can be used as bridges too) up and running. So I can create some sort of puzzles.

I want to make an animation, but my video recorder doesn't save in a format that Twitter likes, and have no time to investigate.

NunoMartinez Tue 17 Dec 19, 22:01

Working in a lot of internal stuff;

* Working in player animations.
* I've tuned the jump, and now is perfect (I think).
* Fixed paralax scroll.
* Added "plate" detection. This is, the code that will allow to trigger events when player walks through a tile.
* Fixed a few more issues in the engine.

I'm pretty happy. Is night here, so let's dinner and sleep. :)

NunoMartinez Tue 17 Dec 19, 16:53

Things are going slowly, but working.

Jumping works nice, even it has "low" and "high" jumps (yay!). The problem is that sprite-tile collision is a bit tricky and sometimes the player is hung, as in this screenshot.

Oh, the torch is animated and the cave has a secret door.

NunoMartinez Tue 17 Dec 19, 13:16

Finally, after dealing with more engine issues (it will be really good after that) I have the player avatar walking and jumping around the map. But there are things that doesn't work properly yet. I have to polish the jumping code because sometimes it gets stuck because the sprite-tile collision.