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RmBeer Mon 16 Dec 19, 12:06

I supposed. It is not possible to keep the secret and give a public comment at the same time. I only find general actions and doodles in tiles. :P

Touch type code. I will try to make a platform game using the already built Tiles system. The general ideas of the game are on, even for sprites. I created a text file describing the main character and 7 enemies. I have tried to do it as small as possible for the remaining 15 days. I have even created a sketch or ideas for a possible story in the platform game.

tdammers Mon 16 Dec 19, 11:29

Got a good old mode7 renderer going. I doubt this'll give much away, so I'll risk posting one more public screenshot...

MarkOates Sun 15 Dec 19, 22:18

> As a SIDE NOTE: Please, please, PLEASE,
> do not submit HUGE SCREENSHOTS. It
> breaks my browser (Links). Thanks. :)

Ok, yea that would be me. My bad, I'll post smaller screen shots from here on out :P

(I actually didn't even realize they were as big as they are)

NunoMartinez Sun 15 Dec 19, 19:30

Not as happy as I would be, since I planned to have the player wandering the map right now, but since I'm using a WIP version of the engine I had some troubles (I've take note to improve the engine later). Anyway, the engine (MinGRO) is doing its work.

So I have the map and paralax scroll up and running. At the moment I'm using a sprlib tileset as placeholder and a fast doodle for the background.

As a SIDE NOTE: Please, please, PLEASE, do not submit HUGE SCREENSHOTS. It breaks my browser (Links). Thanks. :)

NunoMartinez Sun 15 Dec 19, 17:40

First screenshot. I love when you can see residual VRAM.

FrankDrebin Sun 15 Dec 19, 16:42

I created some game sprites and added them to a basic game loop already... I don't want to post a screenshots because it's too easy to find out what wishlist I am working on :-D

BTW: Is anyone else having trouble to login to Allegro.cc the last days? I already tried to reset my password but I still can't login.

Bugsquasher Sun 15 Dec 19, 15:49

I have a basic intro page, and I'm working on the story page now.

tdammers Sun 15 Dec 19, 14:30

Progress! Have decided on a file format for tilemaps, written a loader and a placeholder renderer for it. Looks nothing like the real thing obv. Also, though you can't see it in the screenshot because everything is squares anyway, I have decided to go lo-res on this one, so I also set things up to render to a bitmap and then scale that to get that oldschool pixel look on modern hi-res screens.

amarillion Sun 15 Dec 19, 09:39

Here is the plan right now.

The wish list that I work with is pretty flexible. So flexible in fact, that the problem is: how to implement it in a distinctive way, that doesn't feel like a cop-out? :) But I have some ideas, let's hope they will be appreciated.

I briefly considered making a new game from scratch, but I will do some traveling in the coming days, and some social obligations too, so I won't have the full 2.5 weeks available. I'm going to follow my own advice and take some shortcuts. I'm going to make my gift an improved, xmas-edition of one of my older speedhack games.

The next question is, which game to base on? Within the limitation of the wish list, there are several possible choices. (I have a long, long backlog of semi-finished *hack games).

In the end, the choice fell down on Usagi (Full title: "Happy Usagi No Yuki Fortress"). Usagi is a game where you have to build a playground for bunnies. Usagi was, for a while, one of my best games, and I was about to make an android version. I even got it working on an android emulator at one point. But there I got completely stuck. The interface was designed for desktop, not adjustable to mobile screen resolutions, and the graphics were not designed for mobile resolutions either.

Below is a screenshot from the current state of Usagi, the starting point.

My first step is to do a major overhaul of the UI and the graphics, paying careful attention to mobile screen resolution.

RmBeer Sun 15 Dec 19, 09:08

I waste 3 days. Everything related to digital design is a nightmare.
This is necessary, look for character references which defines the size that will be on the platform game screen.

relpatseht Sun 15 Dec 19, 07:50

Went out to the mountains today to build snowmen, which cut back on my dev time. Setup my basic object management and almost got to the point of rendering a frame, but not quite. Should be able to get that up tomorrow.
Decided to run graphics on a separate thread to decouple it from the update loop. Not sure if I'll have any more parallelism than that though for simplicity.

MarkOates Sun 15 Dec 19, 01:28

And... now we have our first rendered scene. I know it doesn't look too impressive right now, but I'm really excited about it: B)