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tdammers Wed 1 Jan 20, 21:11

Github repo:


I'll probably do some more work on this; would be a shame to let all those ideas I had for it go to waste.

MarkOates Wed 1 Jan 20, 14:12

Ok! I was not able to finish as far as I had hoped tonight and will need to spend some more time before it's fully playable. So so so much is in place but not turned on, and/or there is a large list of "data entry" type item work that I need to finish adding.

For now, I will open the repo, which should compile with the proper sources linked. However, some of them are symlinked to other repos, and still need unlinking - they and are not directly present in this repo.

Ill take care of this tomorrow after I wake. I may release one level at a time. What a blast!


amarillion Wed 1 Jan 20, 13:44

Linux source code & binary pack:


I uploaded the windows binary pack separately:


Have fun playing! There is a long explanation on how to play in the accompanying README, but generally, just feed your bunnies, build a castle for them, and watch them play.

Some known issues to look out for:

* Screen resolution is a bit weird. In windowed mode, it will make a window of 960x1760. If your screen hardware is smaller than that, you're better off running in fullscreen mode.
* Switching between fullscreen & windowed in the game leads to all bitmaps being moved to memory, and I haven't fixed that. Best to switch modes, then quit and restart the game to avoid lagginess
* The mouse pointer click target finding is not very accurate, be careful when deleting expensive blocks

amarillion Wed 1 Jan 20, 12:14

And here is a GIF of Kuranpusu making the snow go in reverse!

By the way, Kuranpusu's image was inspired by one of the Demons of Naboribetsu Hell Valley


amarillion Wed 1 Jan 20, 11:46

Now that the competition is finishing up, I can point out some spoiler features.

My Secret Santa's wishlist asked for an implementation of a "reverse" rule. I've applied this in three ways in the game.

1. At the start of the game there is a new poem, with the sentences in reverse :)
2. If you summon Kuranpusu into your game, he will cast a spell that makes the snow move upwards.
3. If a bunny gets into a space that is narrow, it will back out in reverse (This is inspired by real life bunny behaviour)

The attached gif shows the last point.

FrankDrebin Wed 1 Jan 20, 11:18

RmBeer: :-( Your screenshots look fantastic ...

MarkOates: 6 hours of gameplay :0 - I'm excited ...

MarkOates Wed 1 Jan 20, 03:51

OK! So I'm a crushing this final day.

As far as scheduling goes, there's a little bit of ambiguity on my end about how time/deadlines/time-zones, etc., work, so full disclosure, at this time my expectations are that I will have the remainder of tonight until about 11:00am EST or something like that. (that's about 12 hours from now). At that time, I'll "un-private" the Repo for this project and consider it released for the compo. :)

Post release, there may be some additional logistics work out (like missing bitmap images I neglected to include in the repo, or fonts - bin/ files are .gitignored so oftentimes overlooked when they need to be committed to the repo, a symlinked source file needs to be hard-copied, stuff like that.)

Also, depending on how all of it looks after tonight, I may summarily exercise a "rule whatever" and hereby grant myself an additional 24 hours in case something isn't working right. I would also like to add an extended credits sequence because I used a lot of assets, free and some paid, and I want to be sure to credit the authors of those works. :)

This game is insane. It's gonna have over 6 hours of gameplay. It has 7 levels, it's madness.

Here's a screenshot, probably spoilers if you're clever enough :)

RmBeer Wed 1 Jan 20, 02:42

I give up. My supposed game doesn't even count as a demo, is pure trash. Maybe one day I will end it as a late gift. But for TINS I have already failed.

RmBeer Wed 1 Jan 20, 01:24

Still fixing...

MarkOates Tue 31 Dec 19, 22:03

OK, on my final "workday" of development here. I have about 7 more features and hopefully I can get in all the content.

Wish me luck!

tdammers Tue 31 Dec 19, 21:19

That's it, I'm wrapping up. Throwing the towel, if you will. It should still be fun, though nowhere near what I envisioned.

RmBeer Tue 31 Dec 19, 20:57

Well, I don't know if I will be able to finish the game on time, although I have little to finish it, it all depends on the bugs.