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Rules for Krampus Hack 2018

1. goal. Create a game as a gift for your secret santa.
On December 17, you will be assigned one of the other participants and you have to make your game as a gift for them. Each should post a wishlist of features that they would like to see in the game. So the rules of your game will depend on the wishes of your secret santa.

2. progress log Keep an interesting progress record here on the tins website. This progress record is very important, as it will be voted on, and used for determining the winner.

4. Deadline: 31 December. End time is midnight in your own time zone. I'm not going to be very strict about time, a few hours off is fine. Suggested start time is December 17.

5. size: There is no size restriction, but for convenience sake I recommend keeping it under 5Mb (zipped). The upload system may have trouble handling larger files. If your entry ends up too large, you have to upload it in your own webspace and send around a link.

6. source: We encourage submission of the complete source code with your entry but this is not compulsory. Of course you don't have to include the source to Allegro.

7. Allegro & other libs You are encouraged to use allegro, but this is not compulsory.