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amarillion Mon 31 Dec 18, 04:06

Last minute hacking ftw! So I'm adding a filter effect for ... reasons. I thought I'd make Ayumi (that's the name of our heroine) "glow". I spent a whole evening trying to get a glow effect working using OpenGL shaders, from an OpenGL tutorial. But I find translating OpenGL tutorials to Allegro concepts is tricky. In the end I switched to a different tutorial and implemented this twirl effect upon level completion instead.

The still doesn't do it justice. I put a little movie up on twitter: https://twitter.com/mpvaniersel/status/1079585544600989697

elias Mon 31 Dec 18, 03:45

Well, it's unfinished, but here it is. I uploaded the entire source code as of now to github: https://github.com/allefant/krampus18

The game runs on a server, and there is also a separate web server which hosts a javascript client you can look at in a browser: http://krampus18.allefant.com

The server tends to crash... but except for login, saving your pet, and the arena, most things should keep working regardless. I also might still work on server stability a bit on Monday so hopefully it will actually be running when someone tries it!

mrhide Mon 31 Dec 18, 02:52

I'm done, but my game is unfinished, as I should get some sleep before tomorrow (I have a 3hour drive to get to a new year eve's party).

As it's a JS game, you may try it there: http://mrhide.eu/games/krampus18/

Controls: WASD or the arrows.

I couldn't get around a bug with the orthographic camera to display the end screen (it's blurry and weird, I don't know what is wrong), and didn't have time to add tusks and sound effects.


Bugsquasher Sun 30 Dec 18, 18:24

Wow, you guys are pros.

Haven't gotten much done the last few days, but finally got to my mesh generation. Gonna whip up an .obj loader too, so the levels can be edited.

Elias, omg man, that's like Frankenstein? What have you done?

amarillion, wow, nice outfits

SiegeLord Sun 30 Dec 18, 04:05

Alright, I'm done. A nice entry with plenty of issues all around, but I think it's reasonably fun.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Windows compiling in time since I screwed up my system somehow, so it's source-only for now (it's easy to compile on Linux, that's to Rust's robust build and dependency system).

amarillion Sun 30 Dec 18, 03:37

@Elias sounds like you need Docker :-P

Did more outfits today. I came up with an even more elaborate process for digitizing the hand-drawn images and had to redo some work of yesterday. Here is another taster...

elias Sat 29 Dec 18, 23:10

This must me the most complex setup for a game I have ever done. It's such a delicate process getting all the pieces updated and running again after each change. And every component has to be debugged in a completely different way. I'm glad I'm not a web developer, but I learned a lot in the past few days (about 1990s style web technologies). Anyway, now to try and start making a quick game on top of this monstrosity...

amarillion Fri 28 Dec 18, 23:28

I started drawing outfits, Max is also doing a few. I'm drawing them by hand on transparent sheets, then scanning, and using the gimp to process them. I'm using the "Contrast" and "Curves..." tools to get clear lines, touch up here and there and simply use the bucket tool for coloring.

Although the resolution is a lot better than the original, the contrast and curves tools make the lines jaggy, which is noticable when you zoom in. Is there any filter I can use to make the lines smoother?

Nothing beats vector graphics, but I don't want to spend the time vectorizing right now.

@Siegelord definitely janky. Often I end up editing the json by hand to get a certain feature working properly, like animated tiles. I just wish I could get Tegel ready again.

SiegeLord Fri 28 Dec 18, 07:01

Got Tiled maps loading today. Tiled, while definitely useful, is a really janky level editor I have to say. Also created a few more pieces of graphics (see my twitch videos for the creation process). Tomorrow is the last day I can work on things, so things will be popping all day tomorrow!

amarillion Fri 28 Dec 18, 04:24

Light switching is implemented! I created a video to show it off, but the file size it too big, instead see here: https://twitter.com/mpvaniersel/status/1078504884801060864

amarillion Thu 27 Dec 18, 01:34

After days of stuffy refactoring, it's time for the fun stuff. I've started implementing a new game mechanic.

I first drew a bunch of new tiles. The switch, wires and lightbulb are hand-pixeled using asesprite, with some help from inkscape for the gradients (Does anybody know how the gradient tool in aseprite is supposed to work? I couldn't get it to produce anything useful). The look of the lightbulbs is somewhat inspired by my current favourite time waster: "Oxygen not included".

Of course, the new mechanic is that map will have dark areas, that you can light up by pressing a switch. The dark won't actually hurt you, but in the dark it's virtually impossible to avoid life-threatening encounters with spiders. So you really want to press that switch, unless you are a speedrunner, and you can memorize the exact path and timing required to avoid the baddies.

First level using the new mechanic is being put in place as we speak.

SiegeLord Wed 26 Dec 18, 06:36

Mostly work on the editor today, which is now in a usable state. Also wired up a few of the UI screens, but need at least 2 more.

Speaking of Tiled, that's the plan for my maps as well. Luckily, I'll be able to reuse some loading code from Succubus sans Frontieres.