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mrhide Wed 2 Jan 19, 23:27

Here is the updated version (reason: bug removal) of my KrampusHack game:

I also updated it here, don't forget to force reload to clear your cache if you've already played it: http://mrhide.eu/games/krampus18/

mrhide Mon 31 Dec 18, 02:52

I'm done, but my game is unfinished, as I should get some sleep before tomorrow (I have a 3hour drive to get to a new year eve's party).

As it's a JS game, you may try it there: http://mrhide.eu/games/krampus18/

Controls: WASD or the arrows.

I couldn't get around a bug with the orthographic camera to display the end screen (it's blurry and weird, I don't know what is wrong), and didn't have time to add tusks and sound effects.


mrhide Sun 16 Dec 18, 22:20

My wishlist:

- There is a bad guy/entity/whatever to fight.
- The bad guy/thing's name is "Ha Rembihr".

Have fun!