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Bugsquasher Sun 13 Jan 19, 22:33

Well, after recovering from a lost file with all my mesh generation code during a BSOD I managed to get my track mesh textured on top now.

TINS is over, but I'm gonna keep working on this. Just need to add physics. Got React3D in mind, had some compile problems with it though, gonna work on that now.

Bugsquasher Wed 9 Jan 19, 04:29

Should be able to texture the road now. Just need a good pavement image or four

Bugsquasher Wed 9 Jan 19, 04:22

My track mesh is working! Now I just need to add faces and texture it, which is easy with my new Mesh class. Then I'll save it to an .obj file for editing in Blender and then I'll reload the level. I wish I was this far with a week left to go, cuz that's about how much time it might take me to get physics working after this model business. ;)

Bugsquasher Tue 8 Jan 19, 21:11

Skybox working again.

Bugsquasher Sun 6 Jan 19, 21:04

Reinventing the textured cube all over again...

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 05:30

Scribbling of a mad genius

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 05:24

Proper hacks need proper designs and diagrams.

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 01:16

Haven't given up yet.

Almost have a working model class.

My pyramid is missing 3 faces though. :(

Bugsquasher Mon 31 Dec 18, 17:00

Wow amarillion, you did everything on my wishlist! And you added hot girls! Man, Happy New Years!!!!

I'm still trying to get something presentable, hope I'll have a demo by the end of the day. :(

Bugsquasher Sun 30 Dec 18, 18:24

Wow, you guys are pros.

Haven't gotten much done the last few days, but finally got to my mesh generation. Gonna whip up an .obj loader too, so the levels can be edited.

Elias, omg man, that's like Frankenstein? What have you done?

amarillion, wow, nice outfits

Bugsquasher Mon 24 Dec 18, 18:13

Don't give up Oates! You can do it!

I'm working on building my meshes for the level. About to try MeshLab, as I find Blender so convoluted and confusing.

Level generation is really cool. Everything is based on percentages of this that or the other. And everything larger is built from 2D shapes extrapolated to 3D.

Bugsquasher Sun 23 Dec 18, 03:48

A snowman