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GullRaDriel Mon 31 Dec 18, 23:40

I've finished !

It's a huge file when unzipped, because all the libs and api should be included inside (also with the doc for my lib)

-arrows for horizontal and vertical thrust, be warned that a collision mess your trust values
-mouse aim and left button: aim and shoot

-Reach the far right side of the screen and take one exit door while avoiding or killing the enemies that will try to kill you.

-Do not thrust too much. Cruise low and aim fine, take your time.
-The more enemies you kill, the more powerful you got

Should compile fine under windows and linux with the right dependencies.

GullRaDriel Wed 19 Dec 18, 20:29

Building system and basics are functional.
Now it's the gameplay turn :-)

GullRaDriel Sun 16 Dec 18, 18:15

My wishlist:
1-For children
2-Easy controls
3-Colors and particles