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amarillion Mon 31 Dec 18, 15:53

Happy Holidays, BugSquasher!

I've uploaded my entry. The upload contains source and linux binary (dynamically linked, couldn't get static linking working in a hurry). Maybe tomorrow I'll try to make a windows version.

Although the game still has a bunch of very obvious flaws (no music, sfx are very poor, there are still usability problems in the menu and post-mortem screen), the levels have been much improved IMHO, making the game a lot more fun.

You see, the idea has always been that you have to pick matching clothes. In the original 2009 game, a match between two items of clothing was graded on a scale between 0 and 10. This meant that matching wasn't very absolute. You would usually end up with a mediocre matching score, without an obvious recourse to improve it (well, regardless of your fashion sense). Combined with the fact that clothes were more or less placed randomly in the levels, meant that the matching system didn't really contribute much to the game experience.

I've changed all that. Firstly, instead of having 4x6 pieces of clothing that all match to varying degrees, there are now 4 outfits each with 4 items. Either you selected a complete outfit, or not. It's a binary choice, and the outfits are distinct enough that it hopefully should be obvious how to improve your score and get that extra star.

I now also assign specific items of clothing to the level maps. I've made deliberate choices about which clothes you can find in each map. For some maps I could make two routes: an easy one that lets you finish a level with a bad outfit, and a hard one that lets you get the full score.

Fashionisa was loosely based on Supaplex, a very addictive and very hard old DOS game. The game was so hard that you would often get stuck for days if not weeks on a particular level (until you figured out how to hack the save files with a hex editor, but that's a different story). The clothing system gives you to find an easy way out of a hard level, making it far less likely that you get stuck completely. This way the outfit system is true addition to the game rather than just a gimmick.

I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for a windows binary and the inevitable post-competition fixes.

amarillion Mon 31 Dec 18, 04:06

Last minute hacking ftw! So I'm adding a filter effect for ... reasons. I thought I'd make Ayumi (that's the name of our heroine) "glow". I spent a whole evening trying to get a glow effect working using OpenGL shaders, from an OpenGL tutorial. But I find translating OpenGL tutorials to Allegro concepts is tricky. In the end I switched to a different tutorial and implemented this twirl effect upon level completion instead.

The still doesn't do it justice. I put a little movie up on twitter: https://twitter.com/mpvaniersel/status/1079585544600989697

amarillion Sun 30 Dec 18, 03:37

@Elias sounds like you need Docker :-P

Did more outfits today. I came up with an even more elaborate process for digitizing the hand-drawn images and had to redo some work of yesterday. Here is another taster...

amarillion Fri 28 Dec 18, 23:28

I started drawing outfits, Max is also doing a few. I'm drawing them by hand on transparent sheets, then scanning, and using the gimp to process them. I'm using the "Contrast" and "Curves..." tools to get clear lines, touch up here and there and simply use the bucket tool for coloring.

Although the resolution is a lot better than the original, the contrast and curves tools make the lines jaggy, which is noticable when you zoom in. Is there any filter I can use to make the lines smoother?

Nothing beats vector graphics, but I don't want to spend the time vectorizing right now.

@Siegelord definitely janky. Often I end up editing the json by hand to get a certain feature working properly, like animated tiles. I just wish I could get Tegel ready again.

amarillion Fri 28 Dec 18, 04:24

Light switching is implemented! I created a video to show it off, but the file size it too big, instead see here: https://twitter.com/mpvaniersel/status/1078504884801060864

amarillion Thu 27 Dec 18, 01:34

After days of stuffy refactoring, it's time for the fun stuff. I've started implementing a new game mechanic.

I first drew a bunch of new tiles. The switch, wires and lightbulb are hand-pixeled using asesprite, with some help from inkscape for the gradients (Does anybody know how the gradient tool in aseprite is supposed to work? I couldn't get it to produce anything useful). The look of the lightbulbs is somewhat inspired by my current favourite time waster: "Oxygen not included".

Of course, the new mechanic is that map will have dark areas, that you can light up by pressing a switch. The dark won't actually hurt you, but in the dark it's virtually impossible to avoid life-threatening encounters with spiders. So you really want to press that switch, unless you are a speedrunner, and you can memorize the exact path and timing required to avoid the baddies.

First level using the new mechanic is being put in place as we speak.

amarillion Tue 25 Dec 18, 21:33

I just finished implementing a Json parser, and now I can read the tiled files back into the game. With this, point 5 of my 6-point wishlist is complete (I'm not doing them in order, by the way)

amarillion Mon 24 Dec 18, 14:27

I successfully converted the existing maps to tiled format. Now to make the game read them back in again. No new levels yet, all the work so far is to preserve the existing levels.

amarillion Thu 20 Dec 18, 11:53

I started things off by getting ill and staying in bed a lot. Not much progress, but I have a TO-DO list:

1 Fix the usability disaster that is the level select menu
2 Create new hand drawn manga-style artwork, for various outfits with at least one christmas outfit.
3 Add a new mechanic to the game to implement another wishlist item
4 Implement third wishlist item??? This one needs some extra thinking.
5 Rework the tilemap code so I can use maps generated by "tiled". Unfortunately, my own "tegel" is in a bad state right now.
6 Add as many new levels as I have time for.

amarillion Tue 18 Dec 18, 05:50

I don't have much time for hacking the first two days, so I'm not going to start straight away. But I already came up with a plan.

I'm going to base my gift on the code of "Fashionista", my speedhack 2009 entry. It's kind of perfect, it already implements one of the wishlist items.

amarillion Sun 16 Dec 18, 12:16

All right, here is my wishlist.

I would like my game to be...

1. Science-y, or with some sort of science theme - because I'm a scientist and I'm always interested in new scientific ideas.

2. Multiplayer - because I like to play games with co-workers. Can be competitive, turn-based, cooperative, networked, split screen, pass-the-controller - whatever you can get going

3. It should feature cute animals.