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Bugsquasher Sun 13 Jan 19, 22:33

Well, after recovering from a lost file with all my mesh generation code during a BSOD I managed to get my track mesh textured on top now.

TINS is over, but I'm gonna keep working on this. Just need to add physics. Got React3D in mind, had some compile problems with it though, gonna work on that now.

Bugsquasher Wed 9 Jan 19, 04:29

Should be able to texture the road now. Just need a good pavement image or four

Bugsquasher Wed 9 Jan 19, 04:22

My track mesh is working! Now I just need to add faces and texture it, which is easy with my new Mesh class. Then I'll save it to an .obj file for editing in Blender and then I'll reload the level. I wish I was this far with a week left to go, cuz that's about how much time it might take me to get physics working after this model business. ;)

Bugsquasher Tue 8 Jan 19, 21:11

Skybox working again.

Bugsquasher Sun 6 Jan 19, 21:04

Reinventing the textured cube all over again...

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 05:30

Scribbling of a mad genius

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 05:24

Proper hacks need proper designs and diagrams.

Bugsquasher Fri 4 Jan 19, 01:16

Haven't given up yet.

Almost have a working model class.

My pyramid is missing 3 faces though. :(

mrhide Wed 2 Jan 19, 23:27

Here is the updated version (reason: bug removal) of my KrampusHack game:

I also updated it here, don't forget to force reload to clear your cache if you've already played it: http://mrhide.eu/games/krampus18/

GullRaDriel Mon 31 Dec 18, 23:40

I've finished !

It's a huge file when unzipped, because all the libs and api should be included inside (also with the doc for my lib)

-arrows for horizontal and vertical thrust, be warned that a collision mess your trust values
-mouse aim and left button: aim and shoot

-Reach the far right side of the screen and take one exit door while avoiding or killing the enemies that will try to kill you.

-Do not thrust too much. Cruise low and aim fine, take your time.
-The more enemies you kill, the more powerful you got

Should compile fine under windows and linux with the right dependencies.

Bugsquasher Mon 31 Dec 18, 17:00

Wow amarillion, you did everything on my wishlist! And you added hot girls! Man, Happy New Years!!!!

I'm still trying to get something presentable, hope I'll have a demo by the end of the day. :(

amarillion Mon 31 Dec 18, 15:53

Happy Holidays, BugSquasher!

I've uploaded my entry. The upload contains source and linux binary (dynamically linked, couldn't get static linking working in a hurry). Maybe tomorrow I'll try to make a windows version.

Although the game still has a bunch of very obvious flaws (no music, sfx are very poor, there are still usability problems in the menu and post-mortem screen), the levels have been much improved IMHO, making the game a lot more fun.

You see, the idea has always been that you have to pick matching clothes. In the original 2009 game, a match between two items of clothing was graded on a scale between 0 and 10. This meant that matching wasn't very absolute. You would usually end up with a mediocre matching score, without an obvious recourse to improve it (well, regardless of your fashion sense). Combined with the fact that clothes were more or less placed randomly in the levels, meant that the matching system didn't really contribute much to the game experience.

I've changed all that. Firstly, instead of having 4x6 pieces of clothing that all match to varying degrees, there are now 4 outfits each with 4 items. Either you selected a complete outfit, or not. It's a binary choice, and the outfits are distinct enough that it hopefully should be obvious how to improve your score and get that extra star.

I now also assign specific items of clothing to the level maps. I've made deliberate choices about which clothes you can find in each map. For some maps I could make two routes: an easy one that lets you finish a level with a bad outfit, and a hard one that lets you get the full score.

Fashionisa was loosely based on Supaplex, a very addictive and very hard old DOS game. The game was so hard that you would often get stuck for days if not weeks on a particular level (until you figured out how to hack the save files with a hex editor, but that's a different story). The clothing system gives you to find an easy way out of a hard level, making it far less likely that you get stuck completely. This way the outfit system is true addition to the game rather than just a gimmick.

I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for a windows binary and the inevitable post-competition fixes.