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The allegro community has a long and rich history of wacky competitions. Take a look at this list. Many of these competitions still have a download section where you can download entries. Also, you can check out what the random additional requirements turned out to be in previous Speedhacks. Possibly this will help you get an idea of what exactly this is all about.

SpeedHack 1999

SpeedHack 2001

The Allegro SizeHack3D 2001

The Allegro Team Competition 2001

The Pixelate Games Competition 2001

IdeaHack 2001

SpeedHack 2002

BlitzHack 2003

Speedhack 2003

TINS 2003

Speedhack 2004

TINS 2005

Speedhack 2005

TINS 2006

Speedhack 2006

TINS 2007

Speedhack 2007

TINS 2008