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SiegeLord Mon 17 Apr 17, 05:54

That's it, I've uploaded my entry.

Happy to say that I did pretty much all the things I planned to do with me entry, except for the AI which I knew I'd have to punt on.

Even though it was unfun and took a lot of time, the code refactoring enabled me to implement the new features with minimum fuss.

Gameplay-wise, I added a bit more polish here and there that I think definitely made the game more playable. Having a map mode with a load/save system is significantly better than the un-resumable linear system I had before.

Adding the rudimentary level editor enabled me to create a lot of content in a fraction of the time the original set of maps took me. Unfortunately I had less time than I had back then, so the amount of content in this release is less than was in the original.

Most likely I will revisit some bits of this game (especially the AI, that's definitely something I am very interested in), but for now I call this development stint a success.

Either way... that's all. Now read the first letter of each paragraph in this post. Happy playing ;).

SiegeLord Thu 13 Apr 17, 04:04

Wow, that took too long. Finally managed to port the game to the newer ECS.

26 files changed, 2116 insertions(+), 2467 deletions(-)

Many things became simpler, but some were somewhat annoying to port. Some things were not ported, such as the the easter egg system.

Now I'll do a little bit of cleanup and then onto adding more fun!

SiegeLord Tue 11 Apr 17, 05:59

Spent all evening porting to the new Entity system... it definitely looks better than the old one in most places, but it is taking a bit of time. I'll definitely be done tomorrow, as I only have a few modules left to port.

SiegeLord Sun 9 Apr 17, 18:01

It took nearly a day to get Eth to compile again! There were lots of changes in the Rust language over 3 years (it went to 1.0 in that time) and also many changes in the supporting libraries (RustAllegro in particular).

Here's the commit stats:

35 files changed, 1045 insertions(+), 1267 deletions(-)

Not too bad. Deletions mostly came from removing the old makefile build systems.

The current status is the same as it was before, with a few changes:

- The scores are stored in plain-text rather than 'obfuscated' raw binary... not important as that bit will be partially rewritten anyway
- I switched from using TOML to my own configuration format (SLRConfig) for all the configuration files, as I didn't want to waste time figuring out how to use TOML after its library changes

Next step is to port the game to the new CES system and just do general cleanup duties. I played the game a bit and it is still somewhat fun, but I clearly see lots of room for improvement, which is exactly the goal here.

SiegeLord Sat 8 Apr 17, 18:12

Alright! The game I'll be improving is Eth from SpeedHack 2014. It seemed a nice little game with a bit of potential.

On a technical side of things, I plan to do the following:

- Get it compiling on a modern Rust compiler
- Port it to the newer ECS system from one of my latter games, e.g. KrampusZ from KrampusHack last year

On the game side of things, I plan to remove all the unfun bits from the game that were mandated by the Speedhack rules

- No item purchasing, instead replacing that with powerups in the game field
- No need to do the spaceship/probe switcheroo anymore, although it might make sense still to have the main ship be a planet of some sort
- Various improvements here and there
- A better main menu

As a stretch, here are big things I want to improve:

- Maybe a better level editor
- Maybe an AI mode