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Eric Sat 8 Apr 17, 17:47

My map code is coming along nicely. I have exact control of what percentage of the map is populated with what kinds of tiles (with an accuracy of plus or minus one tile). However, there is currently a bug where some tiles are only generated on the left side of the map. I need to fix that.

Mori's map contained a total of 21,504 tiles. This game, which I have come to call "Keebo's Quest" (working title), will sport the same map size. For now, I am using placeholder art for the few generated tiles, but will later add real graphics.

I also added basic player movement and a camera system. The camera follows the player centered on the screen, and stops at the boundaries of the map. There is no collision system yet.

I need to add some sort of solid boundary to the edges of the map, to prevent things from escaping. In Mori, the player would hit an invisible boundary, but I am thinking about setting the game on an island surrounded by water instead.

Eric Sat 8 Apr 17, 14:55

It is not even noon yet, and already I am off to a good start.

I have the beginnings of the player and map classes working. Currently, the player is a crudely-drawn smiley face, and the map is comprised of only one tile (which reads "map" in sloppy writing).

My goal for today is to bring the map class up to a functioning state. Just like in Mori, I think I will implement randomly-generated forest terrain. However, unlike Mori, I will not be spinning my own random number generator; JavaScript's default Math.random() function will suffice.

Eric Sat 8 Apr 17, 05:13

It is now midnight where I am, which means that Easter Hack has officially begun (for me, anyway)!

In my preliminary log, I mentioned that I wanted to pursue an art style other than pixel art for a change. My idea currently is that the game will look like the doodling of a young child (complete with a yellow sun in the corner, of course).

While the eye-patch-wearing blue blob of Mori was cool, I think I will go with a different blob-like character for this event. See the attached screenshot for some rough "sketches" (I am not an artist, mind you). I am thinking dark outlines, simple colors, and basic, perhaps nonsensical, shapes.

I believe I will name the main character "Keebo", which is actually what I had in mind for the blue blob of Mori (though I do not believe I mentioned that in-game or in my TINS 2016 progress logs).

Actual coding will begin in the morning. Seeing as I am writing this game in JavaScript, I will have to slowly port Mori's features over from C++ as I move along. This should be fun.

Eric Fri 7 Apr 17, 15:59

My goal for Easter Hack is to improve upon my TINS 2016 entry, Mori.

In Mori, you assume the role of an an eye-patch-wearing blue blob whose mission is to collect snowballs in a randomly-generated forest. It was the first game I ever made for a game-making event, and surprisingly, it scored 2nd place overall.

I plan to improve the following:

- The control scheme; most players found the controls to be tedious.
- The graphics; I am considering pursuing a "doodle" style instead of simple pixel art.
- The mission; collecting snowballs is fine, but a grander end-goal would be more enjoyable.

I also intend on writing my game in JavaScript using HTML5's canvas API. This should be interesting.

Best of luck to everyone!