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NunoMartinez Tue 12 May 20, 18:47

"The Bug" is bigger than I thought, and is deep inside the engine, so I wasn't able to finish. Again.

In any case, I didn't quit this time and I used the two and half last hours re-implementing the Game of Life with a floral theme. I've found it has one issue but at least I've complete all rules (this is a little bit more complete -> version https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnnzckugwsksvi7/flolife.zip?dl=0).

entheh Tue 12 May 20, 09:00

My game now has a thread here:


In particular there are some notes there about how the rules are implemented, and a screenshot of the maze generation algorithm in progress.

RmBeer Tue 12 May 20, 02:17

I forgot to mention that for the game I have applied all the rules before the end of TINS, the bonus I have applied to the art rule, I make fun of current-fashion things.
In an hour (before the closing of TINS), I have applied the 2 rules together in one blimp. Art and scroll. Since I didn't have time for anything, I had to search the blimp and fire image on the internet and resize it with Gimp. The idea had occurred to me 2 days ago, but the text was a problem, in the end this is the best thing that has occurred to me. :P
I had come up with 2 ideas, of which I only used the second one in case I didn't have time. The other idea I will apply in a more complete game.

I'm going to try to continue the game, although it still has a few bugs I think they are easier to solve.

amarillion Mon 11 May 20, 18:58

I've made a package with windows binaries: https://amarillion.org/speedhack/flowpow-win-Tins2020.20200511.zip

And here is a bundle with sources and a linux binary: https://amarillion.org/speedhack/flowpow-src-linux-x86-bin-Tins2020.20200511.tar.gz

Unfortunately, the submitted game contained a bug that was only showing up on windows for some reason. You can see the bugfix I applied here: https://github.com/amarillion/tins2020/commit/ff210710e61dba2b69a1d92620264fa70163178b

Bugsquasher Mon 11 May 20, 15:12

Meet Jack and Jill. The heroes of Victory Garden.

Bugsquasher Mon 11 May 20, 15:04

Advanced technique of ancient master. Texture with frosted glass.

Which one do you like better? Textured or plain?

Bugsquasher Mon 11 May 20, 14:45

Some more advanced programmer art for you.

elias Mon 11 May 20, 14:40

I made a package with the sources plus Windows and OSX binaries, they can be found here:


The binaries even have icons!

Tharro Mon 11 May 20, 14:15

Didn't finish on time (the uploaded result works but has quite some bugs and research, an important gameplay element, wasn't implemented yet). But after two hours of work I've managed to implement research and squash several bugs.

I've uploaded binaries that are statically linked to libsdl (sorry for that, wasn't able to get Allegro + Go + MacOS working :$). You can find them here (only Linux & MacOS for the moment, Windows will follow soon):
- https://opslag.de/schobers/tins2020/releases

The idea of research (shown in screenshot) is that you'll have to dial a specialist. The graphics are very blunt but I suppose you can figure out how it works. This is to satisfy the last rule (make fun of old-fashioned things).

Really enjoyed this hack! Big thanks for organizing! Too bad I couldn't finish within the deadline with a reasonable entry but still I'm very happy with the result I could produce in 74 hours :).

Bugsquasher Mon 11 May 20, 13:58

I figure I spent about 8 hours pulling my hair out because of old dlls, 2 hours searching for content, and 8 hours of programming today, for a total of 18. That means I have 54 hours to go to make it a proper TINS.

RmBeer Mon 11 May 20, 12:08

I couldn't really do anything. It is considered an incomplete and buggy prototype. :(

jroatch Mon 11 May 20, 11:50

Well, I guess this is what I got, good luck everyone.