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Tharro Mon 23 Oct 17, 18:32

Have to give up as well :(.

Attached a screenshot of the current state of my game. It's barely playable but none of the rules expect the genre rule is implemented. Next time better luck (and planning).

And amarillion, thanks for organizing the competition!

MarkOates Mon 23 Oct 17, 18:06

A successful TINS hack for everyone!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get very deep into my game, which was a runner called, cleverly "Dr. Runner".

The upside is though, is that during my time developing "Dr. Runner" I took the stellar components from my KrampusHack 2016 entry and improved them substantially.

Title screens, gameplay screens, user event emitters, sprite sheets, and more all now have out-of-the-box solutions for future hackathons.

Can't wait until the next one!

amarillion Mon 23 Oct 17, 15:05

Here is a link to the source code + linux binary, without mangled file extension:


Here is a bundle with a windows binary:

amarillion Mon 23 Oct 17, 12:17

Phew. Those final six hours were intense.

I managed to get funky sound into the pause screen. Can somebody guess which video game I'm referencing with this music?

I spent a lot of time this morning on getting the user interface working nicely. In earlier versions, you had to use the mouse to select a mutation card, then use the keyboard to select a position - it wasn't great. Now it's just keyboard, which should make it a lot more understandable.

And I managed to add two more puzzles, for a total of twelve. I have no idea how difficult this is going to be.

Just noticed that the TINS site has mangled the extension of my entry: peptide-src-linux-x86-bin-entry.tar_HkMj0cI.gz. If you want to play my entry, change the extension to .tar.gz for now. I'll apply a better fix later.

entheh Mon 23 Oct 17, 12:14

Here's a start-of-gameplay screenshot.

The TINS site has a zip with only source code and data. There is one that also has Windows binaries and Allegro DLLs at:


I also finally pushed everything I did in the git repository. My intention to share my progress in real time was overruled by my desire to keep some things secret until the end!

Now time for another dose of real-life antiblobotics, and lots and lots of sleep. I look forward to playing the other entries when I've recovered some normality :)

Announcement thread: https://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/617102

entheh Mon 23 Oct 17, 11:51

Uploaded, with 19 minutes to spare! I always underestimate how long it takes just to make the zips, check all the files are the same, realise the release build doesn't compile, fix it, update the files again, realise that VS botched the line endings, fix those, etc.

Here's the title screen.

NunoMartinez Mon 23 Oct 17, 10:54

I'm seeing nice games here. I'll play and vote all them.

@amarillion: fortunately he's going good. :)

SiegeLord Mon 23 Oct 17, 10:43

Actually, I'll just convert it to ogg, hah!

SiegeLord Mon 23 Oct 17, 10:36

It's 3:30 AM, and I think I am done for this competition. At the last minute, I found some horrible bugs in my path finding/AI code which I ameliorated with some super hacky code. The game is playable, but it's easy to get it into a sort of invalid, sometimes unwinnable state (can always restart the level).

While testing the Windows binary, I observed that it didn't play some of my music... must have hit that DUMB 1.0/2.0 issues, which means I'll need to compile DUMB 2.0 on Windows... this will delay those binaries a little bit.

Thanks, amarillion, for hosting it. It was great fun, as always.

iamgreaser Mon 23 Oct 17, 07:48

Alright, here's my Act of YouTube buyout obligation due to the lack of a silly weapon.

It's a completely serious walkthrough for collecting all of the hearts.

Have fun.


entheh Mon 23 Oct 17, 07:43

Music is in. I tried to do funk and I STILL ended up with Prokofiev.

So tired.

iamgreaser Mon 23 Oct 17, 07:22

OK, uploaded, I didn't get the silly weapon in though so if you've got any ideas for videos hit me up on #allegro

Windows build to come later, hopefully