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Snow cave scape
by Nuno Martinez
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Review by MarkOates all reviews by MarkOates

This game has a lot of potential. I think the use of colors and graphic design was particularly pleasant. With some nice transitions, some epic storytelling, and an engaging story that makes you want to solve the mystery, this game could be a lot of fun!

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 4

Review by Eric all reviews by Eric

The fact that you wrote a working point-and-click engine so quickly is pretty impressive.

The graphics are simple, but work well enough, and the gameplay is nice. I'd really like to see this expanded into a bigger game.

Well done!

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 5 Genre 4

Review by GullRaDriel all reviews by GullRaDriel

I want a sequel of that entry.
It was cool and old school.
I liked it.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 3

Review by Gassa all reviews by Gassa

This game is styled as a side-view retro quest. The player controls a human-looking character in a room with a few objects, and the possible actions, like "Use" or "Look at", are listed in text at the bottom. The player clicks on an action and then on an object, and the character performs the action.

The engine worked fine for me. A nice detail: as the mouse goes over things, the game displays a textual hint, like "Use flask with poster", of what happens if a click is made. The graphics are also nice.

As for the rules, there are crafting (flasks), snow (obstacle), and Unicode (in the final text). No pathfinding or poetry visible.

The quest is understandably short, shorter than the excuse about it in the final text. Come on, that's OK for a weekend-made game.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 5 Technical 4 Genre 3

Review by SiegeLord all reviews by SiegeLord

I thoroughly enjoyed the aesthetic of this game, especially the crafting puzzle and the final book monologue. You don't tend to see adventure games in these hacks, and I was glad there was one entry, even if somewhat incomplete.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 4

Review by amarillion all reviews by amarillion

At this point, the entry is a nice little engine for a point and click adventure.

You have to craft a potion by mixing two ingredients, and use it to escape the snow cave. There is a poster on the wall with a humorous poem that hints how to solve the puzzle. Your character walks where you click implementing the pathfinding rule, I think that this is especially nicely done. The only rule that seens to be unimplemented is the unicode rule.

Nicely done. All in all the game is too short unfortunately to receive the highest marks.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 3