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The Path
by Mark Oates
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Review by Eric all reviews by Eric

Hey, a 3D game! Pretty impressive for a speedhack! The gameplay is decent, but the visuals are fairly bland.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 5 Genre 4

Review by GullRaDriel all reviews by GullRaDriel

Impressive 3D entry.
The puzzle is good for a week made program.
Nice work Mark !

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 5 Genre 4

Review by Gassa all reviews by Gassa

This is a 3D game! However, the 3D engine was mostly developed outside the competition, and the game was a test for the engine.

The game itself is a very simple quest. You have to look around, move a bit - or is it just zoom? - and learn how to use the inventory. The correct sequence of actions takes only a minute or so.

Regarding the rules, there is one crafting action involving the inventory. There are a no-poetry confession and a winter picture on the walls. Not sure about Unicode, but the font looks nice. The pathfinding can be thought of as present in the player's actions.

Technically, the engine looks solid. However, in the HD version, mouse clicks were a bit off for me.

Overall, a nice demo for the engine!

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 3

Review by SiegeLord all reviews by SiegeLord

It's 3D!

Even though this was a very short, incomplete experience, I did like the aesthetic of it, reminding me a bit of Myst and Neverhood. Not quite enough content to truly be a great game, but the structure is all there.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 1