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Happy Usagi No Yuki Fortress
by max + amarillion
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Review by MarkOates all reviews by MarkOates

Super cute game. I found myself tapping my foot along to the music.

I particularly liked the bunny animations. It made the game for me!

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 5 Genre 5

Review by Eric all reviews by Eric

An ambitious game for a speedhack!

Launching the game from the installer resulted in absolutely terrible frame rates, but there were no issues in launching the game outside of the installer.

This game reminds me of Tamagotchi and Neko Atsume. The music and sound effects are nice and relaxing, the graphics are decent enough, the interface is decent, the bunny behavior is fun to watch (I laughed when one of them slid across the snow), and the code is surprisingly clean. Well done!

The Japanese font is a bit too "curly" for easy reading, and the lack of refunds is frustrating. This really isn't a game to be played actively, but passively throughout the day. Getting money is slow, but that's just the nature of the game, I suppose.

Overall this is a solid game. Nicely done!

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 4

Review by GullRaDriel all reviews by GullRaDriel

That entry reminded me of the tamagoshi.
I once made one on TI-82.
I liked the concept, I would have loved moar money or a time speed key !
Nice entry with works behind.
Good job !

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 4

Review by Gassa all reviews by Gassa

This is a pet simulator game. The player has a room with rabbits who generally just wander around. The possible actions are to add or remove objects like boxes for jumping and food plates, refill the food, and add more rabbits! All additions come at a cost, but the rabbits somehow generate income by jumping.

Admittedly, I was not patient enough to fill the room with rabbits as it was in the development log screen, as each new rabbit costs more than the previous one.

About the rules: there are crafting the room contents, Unicode in the button with Japanese text which summons a new rabbit, snow sometimes falling from above, a haiku as the intro poetry, and perhaps pathfinding somewhere in the rabbits' electronic minds.

The graphics for walls, rabbits, food and snow are nice. As an additional effect, snow gets to the ground, and it gets slippery for the rabbits!

Overall, this entry is polished and well done.

Special thanks for taking the time in competition to write that inspirational post on allegro.cc forums!

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 5 Technical 5 Genre 4