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NunoMartinez Fri 13 May 16, 15:48

Tempted to make a Minecraft clone. Would be it possible?

Anyway, I was thinking and I have a lot of ideas:
* The Minecraft clone.
* A space-ship crashed and should be repared.
* A Factorio clone.
* A shooter in snow environment.

I can't decide. All them fit the rules. The one I don't like is the UTF-8. I had to find a font that has the needed glyphs, and also I have no experience with Allegro 5, don't know how it works.

Still thinking.

NunoMartinez Thu 12 May 16, 18:52

It works. :D

I really miss TINS. My last entry was TEN years ago. It was a puzzle game named Train, much like Pipemania and Crazy Train. I think I should finish it.

My intention is to make a cool prototype using Allegro.pas, so I can use it as "demo game" for the last version of Allegro.pas itself.

Let's Hack!