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NunoMartinez Fri 20 May 16, 09:48

I've found a stupid bug on my entry. Just two lines in one file. So I've uploaded a fixed version to Dropbox.

This Allegro.cc thread explains it all:

NunoMartinez Mon 16 May 16, 11:29

I have no time to add more, but game works and I think I've added everything.

I'll upload as soon as I can.

NunoMartinez Sun 15 May 16, 20:16

Now, it is possible to use things with things. That mean I can build the map and the puzzles. But this will be later or tomorrow.

Now, lets dinner.

NunoMartinez Sun 15 May 16, 18:30

There are doors (here, the black thing on the left) that connect different rooms. Inventory works too (no tested here). Also I'm testing another font.

And I've introduced a weird bug that raises a Segment Fault exception on exit, but it raises only outside the debugger: inside it there's no error.

NunoMartinez Sun 15 May 16, 12:24

Just when I decided to get rid of the UTF rule, I found why my program wasn't able to load TTF fonts: I forgot to initialize the TTF add-on. u_u)

Now I have russian sticks.

NunoMartinez Sun 15 May 16, 10:09

Now you can walk around (so path finding done) a cave in South Pole (snow too, but few particles should be added), and look what's stuff. May be I'll remove the mouse label though.

Game end is near.

NunoMartinez Sat 14 May 16, 20:49

Mouse cursor and item identification. Now I have to add the hability to pick-up and use. Then put some doors that connect rooms and the game is almost finished.

May be tomorrow.

NunoMartinez Sat 14 May 16, 11:27

A frame from MJRZAK's GRCS is misplaced, but I don't have much time. :(

NunoMartinez Sat 14 May 16, 10:24

Naked guy is naked...

NunoMartinez Sat 14 May 16, 09:54

First screen shot. It taked long because I was working on some inners of the engine. Also I'm not used to Allegro 5 and I have to look for documentation and examples a lot.

NunoMartinez Fri 13 May 16, 19:44

I was drawing a few diagrams and then I start coding a bit. It just initializes and open a window. Not much, but I'm not able to do more today.

Tomorrow more. :)

NunoMartinez Fri 13 May 16, 16:19

Ok, ok...


So, you're in a cave, ok? In the South Pole. And, and, and the cave is a laboratory. And you're trapped. So you must escape.


So, because you're in the South Pole there are snow. And because it is a laboratory, you can craft stuff.

And may be it is a short point-n-click adventure. Each room is a puzzle.

I can do it.

Yes. I can. Yes.