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NunoMartinez Fri 20 May 16, 09:48

I've found a stupid bug on my entry. Just two lines in one file. So I've uploaded a fixed version to Dropbox.

This Allegro.cc thread explains it all:

kdevil Mon 16 May 16, 14:11

Dang, I didn't make it in time. Congratulations to those that finished!

entheh Mon 16 May 16, 12:45

Well, I made it, kinda! I got the most important things done (Unicode, a single wall tile, visible weather effects albeit not very good ones, one more sound effect, and some levels).

Here's the announcement thread (with two new screenshots not in this log):

Here's the download (hopefully including all required DLLs):

And here's a screenshot of the menu.

Well, now I intend to spend most of the day and night sleeping so I can get straight back into work on Tuesday :)

amarillion Mon 16 May 16, 12:15

The last addition: snow builds up on the floor, making your bunnies slip and crash.

Gassa Mon 16 May 16, 12:04

We had only few hours this weekend, and so managed to implement like 20% of what we thought of. Still, the simplistic puzzle we got at the moment compiles, runs, and implements at least some of the rules.

Here is the Windows binary:

GullRaDriel Mon 16 May 16, 11:39

Last upload. Mainly some cleanings and a windows binary.

You should reconsider to compile it yourself since it has makefiles and only allegro5 dependencies !

NunoMartinez Mon 16 May 16, 11:29

I have no time to add more, but game works and I think I've added everything.

I'll upload as soon as I can.

GullRaDriel Mon 16 May 16, 10:30

By the way the game mechanics are finally nearly working fine.

I had to use some nasty tricks thought.

GullRaDriel Mon 16 May 16, 10:29

I may end up adding a few songs, if I have the time.

First I'll try to provide a windows build.

That year you just need allegro5 installed to compile y entries. I shipped everything needed to just make it.

Boobuigi Mon 16 May 16, 09:13

I don't think I'm going to make it...

entheh Mon 16 May 16, 08:33

Well, that's a bit better.

Still to do:
- Unicode stuff
- Create some wall tiles
- Make weather effects visible
- Design some proper levels
- More sound effects
- Maybe music
- Make menu prettier
- Transitions and other misc polish

I don't think I've been this short on time before. Serves me right for making a level editor :)

MarkOates Mon 16 May 16, 07:19

Finally some graphics