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Gassa Mon 6 Aug 12, 17:16

Some statistics for our team:

Time: effectively a span of 27 hours for implementation.

Teamwork: 64 Subversion revisions.

Coding: ~1400 lines, ~36 Kbytes of C++ object-oriented code, no reuse.

Art: 8 drawings.

Tools: we used Windows for an OS, MinGW TDM-GCC for a C++ compiler, CodeBlocks and Far Manager for coding and management, MyPaint and GIMP for drawing, ImageMagick for image processing and various other Windows / POSIX system tools.

External resources: Inconsolata free font.

Allegro library version: 5.0.7.

Team member level-ups: multiple.

larendilly Mon 6 Aug 12, 14:02

So I didn't have enough time to complete my entry.
In fact, I didn't even get past the first few hours of coding to have something to show. No graphics either.

But I'm happy for the people who finished. They all look great and can't wait to try them out!

amarillion Mon 6 Aug 12, 13:52

Phew, I was coding up to 5 minutes before the end! I even had to pull out valgrind in the last hour to debug a memory corruption bug. But now i'm pretty sure the game is free from such nasties.

Our entry is missing music, but other than that it's complete and really playable. We have christened it "Laundry day at bananas manor". There is a whole background story, which is explained nicely in an intro animation.

Here is a link to the allegro thread with windows binaries: http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/610771/962222

And now I'll take a rest before I start looking at the other entries. There are 12 in total, not a bad harvest.

sepharoth213 Mon 6 Aug 12, 13:24

Well. After a double all nighter, we finally...got not too far. It's playable, kinda.

Mankarse Mon 6 Aug 12, 13:07

That was tiring, but a lot of fun!

We uploaded our entry with less than 4 minutes to spare. It is far from complete (we would probably need an extra day to implement everything), but it is playable (sort of).

We didn't implement anachronism.

BTW, I accidentally unsubscribed from the mailing list. What should I do?

Gassa Mon 6 Aug 12, 12:55

Sorry for being 12 minutes late to the deadline. We just finished implementing all the rules. We hope to get reviewed anyway, if the administrator feels like it! Regardless of that, thanks for the fun contest!

My team consisted of me (programming) and my wife (design & art). We did not have the whole weekend available, so we actually started the development on Sunday and continued on Monday.

Our goal was to create a game that would be playable and replayable, so we decided to make a puzzle. The main idea is similar to SameGame, with a twist.

Different pieces fall from the sky down onto the playing board. When they land, the player can click on connected groups of similar pieces to remove them from the board. The larger the group, the more the score. The game ends when the pile of pieces grows too high (alternatively, you could just press Esc). Some larger pieces also slide on the background, distracting the player, in a glorious attempt to fulfill the parallax scrolling requirement: each piece type has its own speed.

There are seven pieces from different eras: bone, wheel, thread, book, brick, cogwheel and chip. The first level involves the first three, the second has four, ..., the last level (fifth) uses all seven. When the score reaches 10000, 20000, 30000 and 40000, the player is advanced to the next level. The game automatically saves the maximum level reached and the high score, so that you can start directly from level 5 if you reached it earlier.

So where are the primes and the dragons, you ask, and what's the twist? Right here: if the size of a connected block you remove is a prime number, you get a bonus. When you click the mouse button to remove a connected block and later release the button, you construct a dragon from that block! The dragon appears on top of the removed block facing the point where the mouse was released. It then burns some adjacent pieces in that direction, effectively downgrading them (i. e., a chip becomes a cogwheel, a wheel becomes a bone, and bones just disappear). The range and lifetime of a dragon depends on the current level and on the number of the prime that gave birth to the dragon.

Well, that's it! This contest was my most satisfying TINS/Speedhack experience so far!

amarillion Mon 6 Aug 12, 12:21

Yay, our entry is in. Here is a screenshot of the epic final battle with the dragon:

guilt Mon 6 Aug 12, 11:54

We've added our submission - DrachenVeer!

I thank our team - DB^ and Scribbleink for pulling this together!

Try it out! We'd love to hear from you.

Slartibartfast Mon 6 Aug 12, 11:22

Don't have enough time left to improve things.

I didn't finish everything I wanted to do.

I coded uber-crap for the last few hours so that I can get SOMETHING done, messing everything up in the process.

But it works.


Timorg Mon 6 Aug 12, 09:11

I added some art. :D The dragon flaps his wings during flight, and the robots jets flicker as they fire them. The game is complete, just need to write up the readme.txt and I am done. Woooo.

amarillion Mon 6 Aug 12, 07:10

Five hours left to write some object code and fix a crash bug on Windows. La lah la lah.

kdevil Mon 6 Aug 12, 06:01

Hey, look at me, I actually got a working game submitted this time!