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Daniel_Christian Tue 7 Sep 10, 04:14

I put all the entries together into one package. It has:

- All the original source code entries
- My best attempt at compiling win32 binaries
- Extra notes on how to compile each game
- Consolidated readme


I can't seem to get Allegro 5 working on Virtualbox, so I still haven't seen a lot of these entries. By the looks of it there are some really good gems in there though.

Maybe all the developers can release official binaries and we can make a consolidated installer for ALL the games :D

Daniel_Christian Tue 7 Sep 10, 01:40

Addicted to command code :o

allefant Mon 6 Sep 10, 23:48

Yay, I managed to win Hotel Hell. Another great entry. Was looping "Hotel California" while playing it. I think there's not enough hearts, no way to win this without drawing out the 3 10x10 floors on paper. Which made it fun though :) Btw, are you also on allegro.cc?

Daniel_Christian Mon 6 Sep 10, 22:04

Hotel Hell Win32 Binaries can be downloaded at


amarillion Mon 6 Sep 10, 12:33

Added some sound recordings, fixed a few minor things, and done!

Daniel_Christian Mon 6 Sep 10, 11:54

6 hours ago I didn't even have game play at all. I'm pretty satisfied with how far the game came in those 6 hours.

Epic TINS once again. I can't wait to try these other great looking entries.

entheh Mon 6 Sep 10, 11:03

Finished! \o/

In addition to the source-only upload on the TINS site, 'Elemental Sun' is available here:

http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/elemsun.zip (source only)
http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/elemsun-win.zip (source and Windows executable)

Here is the announcement thread: http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/605012

Now for the traditional too-pumped-up-to-go-to-bed-just-yet phase. I even have chocolate left over, although I might save that for 'tomorrow' - whatever that means!

FalseMasterJ Mon 6 Sep 10, 09:39

I've summited what little I've made, along with the artwork and music by our team.

Thank you guys, You did much better then I, and made this piece worthwhile to submit. :)

amarillion Mon 6 Sep 10, 08:52

Good morning everybody.

Ahh, a nice long rest really helps. I just added a replay recorder and playback device, fulfilling the polymorphism bit.

So that's 4 out 5 rules implemented. I just need to record some sound bits and I'm done.

IanSutton Mon 6 Sep 10, 08:22

I've just uploaded my entry. Its not entirely finished, but I simply don't have the energy to do any more on it. Two nights of no sleep is not good for you I'm sure.

The game itself works, but I didn't get round to implementing the audio and the polymorphism bit is probably a bit questionable.

Ah well. This is the first game I've actually written (haven't even made a pong clone before) so I'm quite proud of myself.

Daniel_Christian Mon 6 Sep 10, 06:08

D o w n to t h e w i r e : O

cltatman Mon 6 Sep 10, 05:10

Done, hopefully! Managed to slip in under 400KB, but only with the help of 7zip. The file size was certainly the biggest challenge (apart from setting my ambition to an appropriate goal).

All of the rules have been at least weakly implemented, and I'm happy with the final product!

Windows binary (also reportedly works in Wine): http://tatman.uuuq.com/mv_bin.zip

This has been a great weekend, I'll certainly participate again. :)