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entheh Tue 2 Sep 08, 04:56

Thanks to Vanneto, trentg and MattyMatt, I now have a version of my game with some portability fixes, and a Windows build:

http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/aonfire-fixed.zip (source + data)
http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/aonfire-fixed-win.zip (source + data + exe)

I should also thank SvenVI - he ran into the same RAND_MAX problem I did, and that's what made me think to check for it in my game :-)

entheh Mon 1 Sep 08, 11:36

Just uploaded a new version with some stereo separation in the music and a slight dialogue wording change - nothing major, but worth a redownload if you care about music!

entheh Mon 1 Sep 08, 10:12

Wow! Precisely 2000 lines of code, according to 'wc'! That was a complete fluke!

Well, my entry's finished and uploaded, and I had time to do some nice music and a complete set of sound effects. There's also a little dedication in there. Aww.

I would compile a Windows version and host it, but my laptop died this weekend - robbing me of Paint Shop Pro and forcing me to use The GIMP for all my graphics, noooooo! But hopefully it will compile without too much pain. If anyone would be kind enough to send me a version with an included Windows binary, I would be very grateful.

Especially given how distracted I was earlier during the weekend, I'm very pleased with how this game has come together. I'm looking forward to playing the other entries and stuff!

entheh Mon 1 Sep 08, 01:12

Well, I've done a lot since my last post, and the game is largely code-complete now! It has gameplay progression, scoring and all that stuff, and entirely works as a game. It has cutscene sequences including a rich ending (which isn't quite at the end). All the competition rules have been met. I've given it the name "Aliens on Fire" and renamed all the files to "aonfire", and applied numerous little polishing tweaks.

And the best part is - I believe I have time left to make some music!

Since I'd like to keep the ending as a surprise, I'm not going to upload a screenshot of it. So instead, here's an example of what not to do.

entheh Sun 31 Aug 08, 04:28

Here's my introduction and cutscene engine under construction.

Ho hum. I'm afraid my mind is on a metaphorical lollercoaster somewhere in the Atlantic Sea, and isn't entirely on this competition this time. I've been spending some time sitting at the piano enjoying the sensitive yet uplifting 20th Piano Concerto of Mozart's, in D Minor - a wonder I only recently obtained the sheet music for and have yet to start learning properly. It finishes in D Major, I'll have you know - testament to its ability to cheer me up time and time again whenever I'm in need of it. I do recommend it.

Anyway, as a result of all this, my game may not be as complete as I usually try and make them, so apologies in advance - but I'll do my best to get at least the gameplay complete, with a clear mission, and clear progression, scoring and repeat playability. I'm not too far off having that now. :-)

On that note, good night!

entheh Sat 30 Aug 08, 16:49

We have fire and explosions!

I chose a roughly commutative plotting approach (like additive but different) so that I wouldn't have to worry about z-sorting. There are separate phases for stuff behind and in front of the globe, but that's easy to do.

I suppose it's time to put some gameplay progression in ...

entheh Sat 30 Aug 08, 12:26


It looks better in motion, honest.

entheh Sat 30 Aug 08, 02:00

Well, it's certainly making progress. You can now rotate the planet using the arrow keys. The 'attack' user interface - simplistic yet designed for maximum usability and efficiency and minimum user error - is basically done, and that pop-up slides in and out in a most swish fashion. Mines can be placed. Oh, and I made a datafile.

The code for processing missiles isn't there yet. There's going to be quite a lot of it!

(Yes, I know it should say "or". I'll fix it!)

entheh Fri 29 Aug 08, 18:31

Yaaay, nice open rules!

"Destruction and world domination" in Japanese is "hakai to sekai seiha". Mmm, tongue twister.

Look, it's a blob!