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BigBrain Tue 2 Sep 08, 18:55

Okay, I'll soon upload a Windows binary on my homepage, but I'll first have to do a bit bugfixing...
Things that will have changed from the "deadline" version to this one:
- one can choose what level to play via command line now. This feature was present in the first version, too, but was broken due to a Copy&Paste mistake. (See game.cpp, I needed to remove line 74)
- I forgot to add END_OF_MAIN() at the end of the main function (end of main.cpp).
- A segfault was fixed when a bullet hit the lowest line of a level (line 175 in particle.cpp and line 259 in game.cpp).
- Intro can now always be skipped with ESC as I see my gamers had been running away because of that :-/

I have no time at the moment to upload the new files, but S will do that as soon as I got some!

EDIT: Okay, I've uploaded a unified package providing source code, Unix binaries and Windows binaries.
The Unix binaries require that you have installed Allegro 4.2, libpng and zlib.
The Windows binaries have libpng and zlib linked statically, so you'll only need the Allegro 4.2 DLL.

See http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/597575

entheh Tue 2 Sep 08, 04:56

Thanks to Vanneto, trentg and MattyMatt, I now have a version of my game with some portability fixes, and a Windows build:

http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/aonfire-fixed.zip (source + data)
http://bdavis.strangesoft.net/aonfire-fixed-win.zip (source + data + exe)

I should also thank SvenVI - he ran into the same RAND_MAX problem I did, and that's what made me think to check for it in my game :-)

stevenvi Mon 1 Sep 08, 22:42

The competition is over. After a good bit of work, I made the darn thing compile in Windows. I did not have to modify anything other than comment out references to a library I was using initially, but is not used in the final version. (Glut.) Also needed some

#ifdef _WIN32

bits added in a few files. And for some reason, Allegro cannot find the font file I have even though it's right there in the directory, so I commented out the loading of it. But it compiled. Oh boy!

- The lighting in Windows is much different. I thought OpenGL would have been the same everywhere. Doh.

- The stars, which were scattered throughout the sky, are now located in just one quadrant. Thanks to entheh, I learned this was a problem with RAND_MAX being significantly smaller than I expected it. He also told me a much better way to get random floats than I was doing. Doh.

- It cannot load the font file. file_exists claims it is not there, but it clearly is. So I removed the if(file_exists(..)) part. The font loads just fine and dandy. I'm not sure what the problem is. It worked fine in Linux with that check in there.

- Mouse mickeys are completely unusable in a window. The game must be run fullscreen to use the mouse to control it. And really, you want to use the mouse, the keyboard is too hard to use.

- Maybe more. Attached is a screen shot of the goofy looking stars.

jbernard Mon 1 Sep 08, 22:20

Uploaded is what I have thus far. I did not actually have time to program the special end level that I originally intended. Maybe I'll get that (and binaries) for some other release.

[EDIT] Sorry for the delay, but I've now uploaded the windows binary to A.cc's Depot forum. It's not changed in any since I "finished" my entry, I just fell asleep and didn't wake up until now to upload it.

kenmasters1976 Mon 1 Sep 08, 19:23

So I didn't work on my entry during all sunday (right now it's monday at 12:15 a.m. here). It's a shame. What I'd be glad to have added (or at least try) to my entry during sunday time?, here's a list:

[Features NOT in my entry]
- Animations: I left them out 'cause I think they should've been simple to add (as they were simple) using animated GIF images and algif. In the end I had no time to add animation at all.

- Sound effects: At least some for the explosions and the blue-blues been blowed. I had in mind a "Weee!" and a "Waaa-agh" sound but again, there was no time.

- Gameplay: Right now there's only a bunch of blue-blues on the screen moving randomly and you have unlimited bombs to take them out. What it really should have been is something like this: you start with a limited number of bombs and destroy an increasing number of pattern-moving blue-blues on each level (starting with one on Level 1). As you advance, the number of bombs don't respawn, so you have to collect the bombs that the blue-blues drop. Add a timer to count how long it takes you to finish each level and a scoring system and you get an idea.

-Fixing: At least the sprite priority problem for the bombs since they are always drawn first, so with many things onscreen you can't see them most of the time.

[Features in my entry]
The latest things I added were some alpha blending to the explosions. I also added some fake-explosion-trails that I found out accidentally while trying to do something else. That saved the need to write some particle system, which I wouldn't have time to do anyway.

Now the blue-blues drop bombs too. Their bombs can kill you, but not them, so they don't need to avoid them and can be blowed by their own bombs (the "Weee!"). Only your bombs can kill them (the "Waaa-agh")

Submitted my entry. There's still about 6 hours of competition left, so I might try to do something. On the other hand, I have to sleep. Let's wait and see if I can do anything else.

[EDIT:] Didn't update my entry. So the one I submitted stays. At least I'm glad I actually had something to submit for my first TINS.

[ABOUT MY ENTRY:] Entry size is 225 KB. 474 KB uncompressed, 360 of them belonging to pmask which I included with my entry. 54 KB of the Windows .EXE. 60 KB of actual code and images (16 KB if compressed). 778 lines of actual code (1,050 lines total).

allefant Mon 1 Sep 08, 17:30

I made a gameplay video of my entry, wonder if i can embed the youtube link here. Seems not, but it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO3FLlEFjw4

Alvren Mon 1 Sep 08, 15:13

I finished my game on time. :)

After I came home from school, I took a couple of hours to do everything that my game was lacking. I still didn't get to implement all I had in mind when I first thought of it, but it's still a fun game, I hope.

Only pity is it has no music or sound whatsoever - I will make these and post on a.cc soon. It's just that I didn't have time for it yet.

Oh, a reminder: the readme in the zip is out of date - http://groups.google.com/group/tinscompetition/files?hl=en for the correct one. I'll include everything up to date in the post on a.cc, it's just that I didn't have the time to update my readme before the deadline.

Gassa Mon 1 Sep 08, 14:47

I've uploaded our team's entry, "Earth and Water". Of course, we did not finish all that we planned, e.g. it would be a lot more playable with pre-constructed levels designed for specific strategies, but that's a task for the next weekend =) .

Additionally, I've uploaded a bugfix update to the following URL: acm.math.spbu.ru/~gassa/tins/gassa-enw.zip

Two bugs, which were introduced at the last minute, are fixed:
1) run.cmd in src/ and bin/ now point to the right file.
2) Timer starts from zero for every new level.

There are hopefully no more differences with the submitted version, it's just a bit more playable.

UPD: Heh, our archive turned out to be the smallest one submitted. No wonder, it's only about 8 hours of coding, most of which took place today =) .

BigBrain Mon 1 Sep 08, 14:05

Great, finally I uploaded my entry "The Road to World Domination: Made Simple" within the last minute.
I finished everything I wanted to do (my goals weren't set that high though), so this time the competition went quite good for me, even though I only had two days :D

Timorg Mon 1 Sep 08, 14:03

Well its a bit messy in the end

A and D moves the sling shot left and right, hold down the left mouse button to charge and fire a ball.

If you land the ball on top of the square another one is spawned, it then gets kind of crazy. As you can see it is far from finished, but you get the idea, the squares are supposed to explode when landed on. Instead they stay and the ball can bounce a few time and spawn lots and lots of them.

You get the idea of what I was going for though.

Sos Mon 1 Sep 08, 13:33

Flying bodies, yaay =]
Unfortunately i didn't manage to finish, but i'll make it playable and upload what i have so far

amarillion Mon 1 Sep 08, 12:28

Just a quick screenshots while I'm working on the last details