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BigBrain Thu 5 Apr 07, 13:52

okay I've created binary packages for Linux and Windows:

_sven Tue 3 Apr 07, 06:21

Amarillion you bastard! ;)

The upload page said I could upload multiple times. I think I uploaded three times in all, at various times when I considered stopping where I was. The first one I uploaded is posted, it appears. The last one is the good one.

That, and my Yahoo! password seems to not work, so I can't upload the source to my Geocities page. Blarg.

Raabinator Mon 2 Apr 07, 21:05

Yes, Visual C++ 2005 Express build works with the right runtime dlls and the appropriate version numbers. Tested on another WinXP and a WinMe Notebook.
I just updated my website. The binary and source packages can be found at
I added a license.txt file to every package. The Win98 and WinXP packages only differ in the placement of the runtime dlls.

BigBrain Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:42

Sorry I forgot to put the readme into the zip file^^
I will upload it onto my homepage
readme.txt: http://tonwas.freefronthost.com/readme.txt
license.txt: http://tonwas.freefronthost.com/license.txt

graue Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:28

Whew, I submitted at literally the last minute. Got everything done except for the intro. I probably messed a few things up due to rushing so much at the end, but with any luck, the errors aren't too terrible.

Here's a Windows binary for y'all: http://oceanbase.org/data/files/spacejunk_win_bin.zip

Here's the news story I based my game on. It's about flaming garbage. Pretty appropriate:


And here is a screenshot reflecting part of the final product. I'm about to get an extra life here:

Raabinator Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:25

Surprise, surprise!
Got my vc-2005-Express build to work!
I just copied the version number out of the .exe into the manifest file from the wiki, and, it works so far!
That much to security, mr. Gates...

Onewing Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:08

@amarillion: I guess I was a minute or two over the time limit. :( I sent you a link to the files in a pm on a.cc.

Hopefully I'm not ousted, as for once I made a functional game.

BigBrain Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:01

My game is "complete".
I would've liked to add more things, but it's okay how it is.
My game is called "Gangs of Garbage City". (See its readme.txt for details ;-)
I wouldn't be surprised if it gets the last place, but I'm glad that I took part in TINS because I have learnt many things about game design (even if the code is quite ugly) and especially about effects (e.g. smoke^^)

Enjoy my game ;-)

Mutator Mon 2 Apr 07, 14:01

This was the first speedhack I had "all time in the world" I was totally brunt out from work, sleeping for amazing 14 hours e.g from friday to saturday and yeah...

I wrote about 4 pages of ideas and planning and made some graphics yesterday (eventhou I knew I wouldn't complete anything)... kinda happy with the graphics, well the structure of them, which I did in Autocad, afterall I'm a technical draftsman :-D

...well the good news is that I had fun when I was awake, lernt some few tricks in planning and I actually have an urge to make the game eventhou not in this compo...

amarillion Mon 2 Apr 07, 13:33

In case you haven't noticed, I just opened the entries page. (Click on "entries" on the right).

The entries page currently only has the sources, if you have your own webspace and you want to make a binary available, please post a link here in these logs.

amarillion Mon 2 Apr 07, 13:31


Unfortunately I didn't get as far as I hoped. All rules are in, although I had to downscale my idea for the news requirement a lot. Also gameplay suffers from the lack of enemy AI.

But the game is playable and reasonably bug free. And it is very pretty :)

darkbits Mon 2 Apr 07, 13:28

Our game is complete! It's fully playable with 18 levels of pure fun. We are very happy with the result and are quite impressed about how much game play we actually were able to add to a game made in just 72 hours.

We hope you enjoy the game and we are now looking forward to play all the other entries. Over and out from the Darkbits Team!