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Train Shooter
by Lenman
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Offers at least five minutes of gameplay
Bad: I wish I had my five minutes back
What kind of grass were they smoking? Apparently ASCII?
Master Lenman and Deathlord?s Train Shooter is a solid concept, but lacks in actual implementation. I enjoyed the ASCetic scenery and once enemies come in, it does get somewhat challenging, providing some fun. It?s a good entry, but just lacks actual entertainment.

The controls aren?t bad, but can get very confusing when having to switch between them. Having the accelerate and break keys as far apart as A and B on the keyboard is probably the major design flaw in the control scheme.

Artistically, the game meets the TINS requirements by providing both a train and railroad that obviously the game was designed around. If anything, the graphics are the main stimulus of the game. It?s kind of funny, since obviously it is programmer?s art and the fact that it is actually pleasurable.

Technically, the game obviously uses ASCII art and I have to give +1 (which makes the final score go from a 3 to a 4) for making the game entirely out of it. Yet, the help screen, the other technical requirement, wasn?t nearly as appealing as the rest of the game visually and appears more like looking at a technical manual. It?s just not user friendly, so minus a point there.

Genre-wise, the time requirement affects the game in terms of score, but it could be taken out with little consequence to the gameplay. Considering that, I just can?t give too high a score for the genre.

Add some bloops and bleeps for some background music and I probably could?ve bumped the overall score!

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 3 Technical 4 Genre 2

by ahuillet
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Fulfills TINS requirements really well
Bad: Missing key game features
Best ending. Ever.
I really enjoyed this game, even if it is a bit?strange. The constant barrage of ?frozen explosions?? and pressing keys really makes for some exciting play. Add a little music, sound effects and a title screen, and it would be a complete game. I?ve beaten it on medium and still working on hard. The fact that I?m still playing makes it a quality game. Good job.

Overall: It?s fun and functional, but lacking in a lot of polish that would distinguish it as a game. In this instance, the ASCII art is kind of jarring, and real train/sprite bitmaps would better suffice. I?m giving it a 3.

Artistic: Bleh, anybody walking by would say it is ugly. 2.

Technical: Yeah, you got ASCII art, but I don?t think it fits very well. However, the garbage thrower is awesome and balances out my dislike of your ASCII ?talent?. The help screen is really good and the game is functional. I?d say 4.25, but I can?t, so 4 it is!

Genre: Bing! We have a winner. This game is rocking with both time advancement and focus. It?d be a 5, if perhaps the game changed somewhat with the times. 4 it is.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 4 Genre 4

by BAF
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: You included a game I suggested!
Bad: I ran out of Tylenol. 
Do I really care about the old lady?
It?s a text-based game! I can?t really call that?ASCII art. While there are some fun mini-games, I?m just not thrilled by this game.

Overall: It works, that?s got to count for something. I dub you 2!

Artisitic: The train at the beginning is kind of good, but I?ve seen better in the other TINS games? The blur affect when the help screen is nice. Gotta say another 2.

Technical: Little ASCII, so you get 1/2 point there. Help screen(s) is good, two points there. Game engine works, ? point there. That?d be a 3.

Genre: 3. Nothing else to say, really.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 3 Genre 3

NewCreature's entry
by newcreature
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: It?s a puzzle game! I think?
Bad: Trying to find what?s good.
Are those tetris pieces?
Okay. I know there is a game here. There?s got to be. But what is it? This is the first game I?ve ever played where the puzzle is to actually figure out what the game is! Is that a paradox? Whatever the case, this game doesn?t deserve very high ratings. If there were a help screen or readme, possibly this game would do a lot better. Trying to figure it out on your own is just frustrating. I think it has something to do with delivering the Tetris-like pieces, but I?m not sure what to do and it?s really hard to get another piece due to the camera. Thanks for adding the S key to speed up to your own death!

Overall: Read ?Comments?. One.

Artistic: I?ll give you 2. See, I AM a nice guy.

Technical: Boo! Neither requirements done and game engine is poor. I have no choice. One point (and if there were a lower score, that?d be given)

Genre: There?s a genre to this game? I didn?t know. One.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 2 Technical 1 Genre 1

by guilt
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: It?s cute!
Bad: Can?t lose, unless you try.
I like me some trains to jump.
Ah, finally, a cute game I can let my nephews to play. I doubt I?d show it to anyone else. Although the game does have a cutesy little story and character, which saves it from certain doom, it just lacks implementation. Yet, I do feel potential exists with a few more levels (that actually involve challenge).

Overall: Sorry, it?s just not a game. 1

Artistic: What is the definition of artistic? Uniqueness? I believe this game was handcrafted, which for programmers IS artistic in its own way. Have a 3.5 buddy, I?ll even round it up to a 4.

Technical: It definitely has the ASCII art, but compared to the others, it just doesn?t stand up. So, relatively, I have to give it a lower score. Help screen is exactly that, a help screen. Can?t seem to die by falling off the trains (shouldn?t that happen) and you can?t go backwards, so I?d say it?s a poor engine. I knight thee Two!

Genre: Time is involved and central to game play. That?s three-worthy.

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 4 Technical 2 Genre 3

Yozshura's entry
by yozshura
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Something different.
Bad: You?ll probably want more of the same.
Forget TINS and make a real RPG!
I?m glad someone made a RPG-feel game. It was a nice break and I agree, the exploration feature was extra nice. Unfortunately, there?s nothing to find, other than a little lake which serves no purpose. Again, start over, write a new plot and I think you can probably pull together a really neat game. I?ll be the first to play!

Overall: Sorry, the only fun thing was exploring. The battles were painfully lame. Maximum damage of 2!

Artistic: Not very impressive and what is good was ripped. Bam, 2!

Technical: Nah, I can?t give you more than a 2.

Genre: 2? Nah, 3 for being creative and doing time travel (or saying there was time travel).

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 3

by miran
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: It?s like sex. You have to move just right, move faster and faster until you explode and it only last 30 seconds!
Bad: It just doesn?t feel very?TINS-ishy.
Dodger?s Highschool Yearbook quote: Most likely to have a Cult following.
What can I say about Dodger? To quote the wise miran, it?s his best game evar. Once again it is my favorite game as a result of a competition. However, and unfortunately, I don?t feel like it should stand a top the TINS06 trophy board. It feels like the idea was conceived prior to the competition and it was just bent to satisfy the requirements. There?s nothing wrong with that, really, but I feel it is unfair to judge it the same way as the others.

Overall: Fun, addictive, professional. 5!

Artistic: Although professional looking, it?s really nothing ?amazing?. The railroad/tracks don?t really serve any purpose in this game. A 3 for you, come back one year!

Technical: Help screen is nothing special and ASCII art is lame and forced. Engine is awesome though, so very little for help screen, nothing for ASCII and the rest for engine. That adds up to 11 in binary!

Genre: Good use of time, but nothing special. I?ll give you a 4 and you better like it!

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 4

Pulp Training
by Darksoll
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Odd enough for me to like it!
Bad: I doubt anyone else will?
TINS award: Funniest game available.
What a hoot! It?s worth going through more for the hilarity than the actual game play. There are some great moments that are Napoleon Dynamite-worthy. However, judging is based on game value, rather than comedic value (which is a shame).

Overall: There?s not much point or purpose to playing this game. Time would be better spent ripping the code and reading the script than actually playing. That equals 2.

Artistic: Very ripped and not very consistent. Another 2 for you.

Technical: Ah heck, make it a third two.

Genre: 3 for giving SOME purpose to this game.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 3

by amarillion
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Looks professional.
Bad: Pretty slow gameplay.
Trains moving through trains? That?s um-possible!
Time-Table has that Sim City quality minus the crack-like addictiveness. Nonetheless, this game is beaming with potential and I?ll be keeping my eye out for further advancements. First things first, add some music!

Overall: It feels good. It feels like a game. It just doesn?t play like one yet. 3 will suffice.

Artistic: The game is very well balanced artistically. It looks like a 4 to me.

Technical: Help screen is very helpful, but not very enticing. ASCII art is minimal. However, the game engine itself is very good. I?d say somewhere between 3 and 4, and my random generator says 3.

Genre: Uh, could this be any more time-oriented? A perfect 5!

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 4 Technical 3 Genre 5

Train Master
by FalseMasterJ
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: I can?t believe it?s not butter! It feels like the real thing!
Bad: Gets very difficult.
The New York Times call it, ?Simply Amazing!? Well, at least I do.
Wow! Quite possibly the best entry for this year?s TINS. It?s a well polished, challenging game that feels like a ROM for a Nintendo emulator. This game better place in the top position in some category, at least in my opinion. It?s like what I imagined everybody to be making during the competition, only done right. Oddly, I want to play SimCity all of a sudden?

Overall: Challenging game play that?s relatively easy to pick up and difficult to master. With music that fits perfectly and gameplay that actually appears to maneuver as intended, I have to give a shout to out to my friend, five!

Artistic: Is it breath-taking? No, not really, but it doesn?t look indie. It?s very retro and gets the point across. Four score (and sever years ago?)!

Technical: I think the ASCII art in this game is fitting and impressive, even if it is generated. A+! The help screen is a little lacking and jarring from the rest of the game (although I like how a little detail is given on each level). I had no problems with the engine. Four stars!

Genre: It?s obviously focused on time. Another 4!

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 4 Technical 4 Genre 4

Railroad Merchant
by jovoc
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Planet generation! Awesome-tastic!
Bad: Redundant
Shhh?press 9!
Original? Check. Purpose? Check. Functional? Check. Huzzah, I think we?ve got a match! Seriously though, I enjoyed this game and recommend it to all ages. It will keep you entertained at least until level 2.

Overall: Gets old really quick. However, the first bit of item collecting is fun and finding that oh-so-rare item is always exciting. 3 tops.

Artistic: By far the most beautiful game (artistically) in TINS. I present to you the magic number 5.

Technical: I don?t care if the ASCII wasn?t hand made, it?s still better than the others. The help/menu screen is t?ght. Gravity is a little strong, it might be interesting to make it vary depending on the level. Nonetheless, it?s nothing that won?t give this game its second 5!

Genre: I wasn?t convinced. 2.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 5 Technical 5 Genre 2

by Tigge
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: The title.
Bad: Low replay value.
Easy. Easy. Hard!!!!
This is nice. Everything is here. Music (I swear it sounds like Freya?s theme at times), functional, challenging, fun, etc. Way to go!

Overall: It?s just a great game. I wish there was more replay value, but you can?t ask for everything in a 72hr competition game. It does get hard really fast unexpectedly, but it?s at the right time to keep you hooked and having fun. With the fitting music, I was having a gay time. I?ll give you a very, very low 5 (you know, like that 89.4445 A you got in Trig?).

Artistic: It?s got a very cartoony feel, which I like a lot. And it?s very consistent. With each level changing to a new feel, I?m inclined to give my second 5.

Technical: ASCII was weak. Help for each level was good. Game engine was sufficient. Score was 3.

Genre: I?m not sure where the time requirement came in, but I?m willing to give a 2.

Scores: Overall 5 Artistical 5 Technical 3 Genre 2

h80r's entry
by h8or
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: I saved 15% by switching to Geico.
Bad: Everything
Soooo sad.
At least you tried. Don?t let my low scores get to you, come back next year (or competition) and try again.
Overall: 1
Artistic: 1
Techncial: 1
Genre: 1

Scores: Overall 1 Artistical 1 Technical 1 Genre 1

by graue
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Finally getting back at those squirrels?
Bad: Disorientation.
Love and Peace!
I played this for a long time; it?s gotta be good, right? Well, I?m not so sure. I am sure it?s got the coolest song of TINS06 entries.

Overall: Pretty difficult, controls are somewhat awkward and acorns don?t always go the full distance. Nonetheless, it?s kind of?mesmerizing. I give it a 157872/52624.

Artistic: It?s like an Arcade and a gameboy had a child! 2.

Technical: ASCII is there, somewhat. Help is there, somewhat. Game functions, somewhat. I?ll give you a somewhat 2.

Genre: Check. 3.

Scores: Overall 3 Artistical 2 Technical 2 Genre 3

We Deliver
by Eric_Love
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Changes eras.
Bad: Not very fun.
I?m glad you have music, that makes up for much that is lacking in this game. There are some interesting things, but not enough to change my mind.

Overall: Dull, but works. 2

Artistic: This IS ugly. 1

Technical: ASCII art feature is awesome. The text-flying-thingy-feature is awesome. Few menu choices don?t work and controls are somewhat awkward. Here?s a 3.00, don?t use it all in one place.

Genre: The best implemented feature of this game, deserving of a 4.

Scores: Overall 2 Artistical 1 Technical 3 Genre 4

by Nuno Martinez
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Review by Onewing all reviews by Onewing

Good: Cows!
Bad: Level 4?
Does this game seem familiar? No, not in the least?
Niunio?s Train is actually pretty fun, even if it is a little unoriginal. It?s functional, it?s got all the elements needed and it?s not an eyesore. In other words, it?s a game! That?s a big deal considering most competition games aren?t truly complete enough to be a game. I do agree that it can be slow when you have your tracks set, but in the later levels, it?s almost too fast. I enjoyed it and someday, I?ll beat level 4.

Overall: It?s fun, playable, polished and it?s got music. It feels almost like carnival game, specially with lucky-go-round music. This definitely deserves a 4!

Artistic: Not bad, but not good either. The main title screen is pretty impressive, but during gameplay it could be a lot better. It does encompass the train and railroad requirement and seems to focus around them, so that is deserving of a 3.

Technical: Not much ASCII, but what little there is, is moderately artistic. The help screen was weak, but functional. I?d say a 2.5, (aka 3)

Genre: The only ?time? portion of the game I could see, is the implicit timing of get the tracks to the right places before the train derails. Since time itself wasn?t pivotal to the gameplay, I feel 2 is about is good as I can offer.

Scores: Overall 4 Artistical 3 Technical 3 Genre 2