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NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 05:59

"Arena" class finished. It can rotate and slide the tiles and manage different puzle sizes.

Now I must stop coding for a while. This afternoon I must code the train class and the station class, and the whole engine will be finished!

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 05:08

Jotti said:
"Then I saw ?u?o's tiles. Wonder if he notices, if I steal them and change the colours a bit."

Ok, you can use them, but make a good use please. And give me credits! ;^)

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 16:32

The game engine is near to be complete. I think tomorrow the game will be finished and I would spend some time on sounds, graphics and levels.

But now I'll go to dinner and to sleep.

Good night everybody and 'till tomorrow!

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 15:37

Error messages!

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 15:20

The engine isn't finished but it reads the graphics, creates a board and shows it on screen.

I've reused the board class I created for my Reversi (released in January). I did a good job!

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 13:29

Some graphics done. Now I'll make a break and then back with the game engine.

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 10:54

The rules of the puzzle written. They're simple, very simple, just like the best puzzles (Tetris, Puyo-puyo, Pipe-mania...).

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 09:24

I have an idea: a puzzle game wich involves trains. The problem is the "Time" rule because I dont like "time limit" in a game. Hope I find a way for the "Time" rule soon...

Well, I've planned to write the engine today (is very simple) and use the week end for graphics, build levels, test, etc...

NunoMartinez Fri 3 Mar 06, 07:10

Rules read!

- Time: Easy: Each level is a different Era and you should back the yours...
- Train: Easy: Any level would be inside a train...
- Help function: Easy: If press F1 show a help screen with keys and so...
- ASCII Art: Easy: One of the future levels would be all ASCII art...

Now, what game would I do? Thats a good question.