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NunoMartinez Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:15

Finished and uploaded!

I'm very happy. I think it's a nice game. It has 9 puzzles but once you finish all you start again but faster! It has also some music and cows.

I hope you like it!

NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 17:54

I was testing the game, looking for what does it easy or hard. I think it was too easy so I've added cows to the equation. Now the game is more interesting and a better chalenge...

That's all today. Tomorrow I'll add scoring, the arcade loop increasing the level in each stage and sound, then it will be finished in time! 8^D

NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 13:38

My entry is finished. Now I'm making some aestetics, as score labels, dificult levels, graphics, sound...

NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 12:05

The title screen. The ASCII train moves through the screen and shows the key commands.

NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 08:10

GAME COMPLETE! Yes, after a hard work fixing some bugs in the derailment detection the game engine is complete.

So this afternoon and tomorrow morning I can spend time with the player menu, the help screen, the ASCII art and (hopefully) sounds and level design.


NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 06:22

Now, the train stops only if there are travellers in the station.

NunoMartinez Sun 5 Mar 06, 05:10

The train stops at the stations. Great!

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 18:00

It was hard but now the engine manages the stations correctly.

Tomorrow I'll add the "Game Over" flag and all the other stuff.

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 15:13

The game engine is very near to be complete! The train machine moves along the tracks and it's possible to rotate or slide the tracks pieces. The turn motion isn't very accurated but I'll change it only if I have enough time to do it.

Now I need to put the train stations and the "Game Over" flag and the engine will be completed.

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 12:56

I've added a double buffer to prevent flickering and time interrupts to manage time. I've also split some of the code in more functions and some of the files in more files.

The screenshots shows very nice games. I think there are very good ideas here. This year we'll get nice games to play with. And a lot of trains!

Now I'm stop coding, but I'll back soon...

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 12:04

The train isn't moving but it's rendered in the correct places and it blocks the tiles that are under it.

NunoMartinez Sat 4 Mar 06, 10:09

I have some problems trying to visualize how to manage the train station objects...

While I did some changes in graphics.