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amarillion Wed 22 Mar 06, 12:56

A screenshot of Yozhura's game

amarillion Wed 22 Mar 06, 12:56

A screenshot of Eric's game

amarillion Wed 22 Mar 06, 12:56

A screenshot of h8or's game

amarillion Wed 22 Mar 06, 12:55

A screenshot of Gassa's game

Onewing Tue 7 Mar 06, 02:19

I should also mention my game has a memory leak. Also, sadly, I added music at the last moment, but didn't realize the music could overlap, so if you keep playing maps, then you are going to keep overlapping music. I'll fix this shortly...

[EDIT] -
Music problem fixed in this link:

broken_link Mon 6 Mar 06, 15:40

Alas, we didn't quite finish - got as far as being able to control the character and having them run around on the screen, but that's all - but it was fun, we did get a significant chunk of work done in a short time, and we learned a lot, so definitely not a total loss.

We'll probably finish the game over the next month or two, post it to allegro.cc and maybe hand out printed discs or something when the local anime convention comes to town...

graue Mon 6 Mar 06, 09:20

About that last-minute bug...

Amarillion suggested I upload a fixed version of my game, explain the problem to the TINS mailing list, and ask them to test using the fixed version and maybe give me a small penalty for the bug if they feel like it. Which sounds more than fair. So I've done that, and for anyone who isn't reading the mailing list, you can get the fixed version here:

http://oceanbase.org/graue/data/railblaster-20060306p0.zip (source & data only)
http://oceanbase.org/mtails/tins06/railblaster-20060306_fix.zip (also includes a Windows binary)

Only the one-line fix I put in a previous log message is different here, nothing else was changed. So, try it out, why don't you? I bet you'll enjoy it.

Onewing Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:32

Well, seems I wasn't the last one. During CH, I was a little too late and never managed submitting.

Anywho, to sum up my entry, here's the important details. In the zip I uploaded, the README.txt simply directs you to the TINS logs (here). Thus, I shall now sum up that process.

Zip submitted to TINS: Contains all code and bitmaps. Unfortunately, there's no makefile and I seriously doubt it would run on Linux. The code is very nasty and not-well organized at all. If you want to compile it, I pretty much gurantee you are going to need me, since it is so...screwy. Anyway, you can email me at spsilve AT uark.edu. Also note, apparently I'm using an old version of allegro. See next zip for the old dlls.

Zip on Public space (for TINS completion): I made a zip containning all the necessary TINS stuff that wasn't included in the zip uploaded to the TINS site. It also includes the old allegro dll which is needed for my program. It is big, since it contains OGG files. I couldn't find any way to condense them to fit under 400k anyway. :(


***And the Game itself****
If you just want to play the game, I made a zip that includes everything needed to get you going pronto with out any question in the following zip. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Now I think I'll play someone elses game for a change :)

graue Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:32

Anyways, here's a screenshot of what the final game looks like, even though it's buggy. Also, you can download a copy with a Windows executable included at http://oceanbase.org/mtails/tins06/railblaster-20060306.zip

graue Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:25

[Duplicate post, ignore.]

graue Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:24

Agh. I want to be swallowed up by the earth.

I just turned in our entry a few minutes before the deadline, and now find out it has a stupid trivial bug added at the last minute that totally ruins the game. You can kill the same squirrel multiple times by shooting it while it's in its collapsing animation, so the "Squirrels Left" counter becomes unreliable. Not only that, if this counter becomes negative, the level will never end.

I basically ruined our game by bungling five lines of code (out of 2102) at the last minute. That sucks.

Edit: No, sorry, not five lines of code, *one*. May I please cheat by changing a single line of code?

diff -rN -u old-tins06/game.c new-tins06/game.c
--- old-tins06/game.c Mon Mar 6 06:47:56 2006
+++ new-tins06/game.c Mon Mar 6 07:22:38 2006
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@
if ((mon = monsterinspot(bullets[bt].y, bullets[bt].x, -1)) != -1)
- killmonster(mon);
+ if (monsters[mon].alive > 0) killmonster(mon);
return 1;
return 0;

NunoMartinez Mon 6 Mar 06, 07:15

Finished and uploaded!

I'm very happy. I think it's a nice game. It has 9 puzzles but once you finish all you start again but faster! It has also some music and cows.

I hope you like it!