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xuti Mon 28 Feb 05, 10:16

I can?t finish my game for a computer problems. But i'd like to wish a good luck for everybody. I will finish my game, now as EXTENDED version. If 'amarillion' helps me, you will receive a e-mail when I finish it. Well, good luck to everyone.

xuti Sun 27 Feb 05, 19:14

I dont know if I can finish something in right time. I have exactly 12 Hrs to finish my program. Well, I will try...

xuti Sun 27 Feb 05, 02:45

We are codding more than 14Hrs without break. Who will pay for our keyboard after the pizza? Terrible experience eating and coding at the same time... :-P

xuti Sat 26 Feb 05, 23:59

And finally we've got Mr. D. Troll diving to safe himself from that terrible tree! ;-)

xuti Sat 26 Feb 05, 18:10

We're finally starting to code ;-)

xuti Sat 26 Feb 05, 11:13

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Eletric failure here! I lost some code... But I can write again. But without some features....I will hack some old codes of mine to rewrite faster my code. (just few boring things.. :-p). The graphics remained untouched.. :-P

xuti Sat 26 Feb 05, 00:31

I stop today. I will continue tomorrow...(just a window and a engine problemas...i need sleep...).

xuti Fri 25 Feb 05, 17:26

Making progress is very good. But I do not have enything to show, but the engine is almost done. I have to do graphics right now to test. Maybe latter, I can post some screenshot.

xuti Fri 25 Feb 05, 10:43

I *THINK* I've fonded my (good) idea.. :-P. Parody ? Hmmm...I think I can do that... :-P

xuti Fri 25 Feb 05, 09:09

This is my work :-P Im still loooking for a (creative) Idea,looking the rules.. :-P

xuti Fri 25 Feb 05, 08:25

Let's Rock.. :-P I thought will be more rules....

xuti Thu 24 Feb 05, 19:51

Just testing.....
"Hello World"