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Darksoll Tue 1 Mar 05, 14:13

sorry again, the previous post is incomplete because i used a symbol i shouldnt use, to fix the bug just change line number160 of midis.h for the first line that appears in http://www.geocities.com/wkrax87. or download the binary with the bug fixed from the same page. sorry

Darksoll Tue 1 Mar 05, 14:06

found a very little bug in my game, after the castlevania midi finish, all the other midis sound with less audio channels than should. to fix this one-line-bug just open midis.h and change the line number 160(if(midi_pos

Darksoll Mon 28 Feb 05, 09:20

you can download my game binary from:

Darksoll Mon 28 Feb 05, 00:48

finished, at last!!!

Darksoll Sun 27 Feb 05, 18:53

my game is almost finished!!!!!, i only need to betatest it, but it will be finished in a couple of hours.

Darksoll Sat 26 Feb 05, 13:22

my game is now better, i hav added a menu, the enemies can now shoot, some bugs wee fixed, and changed the troll face

Darksoll Fri 25 Feb 05, 21:40

my game is now better, it has now enemies, collisions and its posible to buy lives and better shots

Darksoll Fri 25 Feb 05, 12:21

my game will be a parody of "space invaders", with the same ultra-pixeled-enemies. like this:

Darksoll Fri 25 Feb 05, 10:33

here's the result of three hours and a half of work.

Darksoll Fri 25 Feb 05, 07:48

ive decided to do a vertical shooter with unlockable
things. the troll
is easy, i can put it wherever i want. the sin wave
isnt really a problem. but the parody is something
really hard...

Darksoll Fri 25 Feb 05, 06:42

only 15 minutes

Darksoll Thu 24 Feb 05, 19:31