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jorram Mon 28 Feb 05, 12:26

Nnngggg.... need some sleep. Posting from work. I finished right on time after dealing with the weirdest bugs I've ever seen. I feel very proud of the playability of the game, it's the nearest I've gotten to a complete game so far (even lacking sounds). I'd wish good luck to all of you, but I won't, because I want to win :P.

jorram Mon 28 Feb 05, 06:02

And this is the on you get when you finish the game. Not much, but bleh.

jorram Mon 28 Feb 05, 06:02

This is the first screen you see

jorram Sun 27 Feb 05, 22:25

I polished some things. It lacks lots of eyecandy, but I'm gonna make the menus first.

jorram Sun 27 Feb 05, 03:44

There are eggs, visual effects, transparency. I still have to make the win/lose logic and the menus.

jorram Sat 26 Feb 05, 20:36

Well, there characters are there, now all I need is the eye candy. It's quite difficult to play right now, but I guess I still have tomorrow to tune it.

jorram Sat 26 Feb 05, 14:47

The troll is almost there :D.

jorram Sat 26 Feb 05, 13:22

Yes! finally starting to look good!

jorram Sat 26 Feb 05, 12:08

Mmm attachment too big, sorry.

jorram Sat 26 Feb 05, 12:07

I haven't posted anything yet because I need sprites. Currently the game has circles instead of sprites, and it doesn't look impressive :P. Anyway, introducing mr. Troll:

jorram Fri 25 Feb 05, 08:28

Just finished my design document. Mmm first time I'll use AllegroGl, let's see what I can get :D.

jorram Thu 24 Feb 05, 17:44

Waiting for the Rules!