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Mars Colonizer
by notme
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Mars Colonizer is a sort of strategy game in which you have to destroy the evil jellies. The game is made by Notme. The first screen gives you a simple menu in which you can choose to play the game or to quit the game. When you choose to play, you are immediately put in the game. You will find a building already on your map; this building gives you a certain amount of power and H20 and a population to get you started. From here it is up to you to build a base and destroy the evil jellies. You can construct the following buildings on your base:
The robots have their own AI, so you don't have to control them. They will find an evil jelly for you sooner or later.
So far, nothing bad told. The bad side of the game is that it has many bugs in it. For example, you actually don't have to destroy all jellies to win. And if you build long branches of buildings, they will disappear somehow. Sometimes it crashes at random, but according to the game maker that's part of the difficulty level. In any case, it's annoying when you are playing.

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