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NunoMartinez Sat 22 Nov 03, 11:54

PANIC: I must simplify the game. I think I'll change the side-shooter by a platform game, reduce enemies to only four (including the boss) and change the principal character. I hope I finish in time...

NunoMartinez Fri 21 Nov 03, 19:15

I've designed a roug draft of classes hierachy. I think it's cool (I learned a lot on the last SpeedHack). Now I've left job and go to drive (I'm learning how to drive cars. The examination is December 1st). After that I'll get a shower, dinner and start to find and prepare graphics, sounds and pieces of code I can reuse. I'll start to code tomorrow morning.

NunoMartinez Fri 21 Nov 03, 14:06

Before some stupid problems O8^) I can start. Now I have the game design done (even the map system), a lot of graphics (Ari's cool 8^D) and a brief story. If I can finish all (and I i think that the game engine can be done in one day) you'll have a cool retro-side-shooter game.

NunoMartinez Fri 21 Nov 03, 11:32

D*mm't... The program I'm coding at job doesn't works properly... That means I can't plan the entry until I finish it or I go home... @#!Grrr...

NunoMartinez Thu 20 Nov 03, 10:22

I don't know if I'll post logs while the competition, but I want to pos at least one. So, here it is. Good luck everybody!