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mark Thu 4 Dec 03, 22:16

An updated version of my entry, "Attack of the mutant jellies" is available here: http://www.vectrex.org.uk/aotmj/ This is purely a bug fix and includes no new features. You can also get the original version from the same place (and of course the official TINS site too)

allefant Thu 27 Nov 03, 16:25

A link is something I can click! So this is not a link, it's a http address at most, which I have to mark and copy&paste :P Oh, and btw., why is there no backlink on tins.bafsoft.com to here?

BAF Thu 27 Nov 03, 02:37

http://tins.bafsoft.com/ :-D there is your link, again :)

allefant Wed 26 Nov 03, 16:11

Hm, seems Amarillion is gone MIA - just like Arron did for speedhacks :) No news like "competition is over", and also no link to tins.bafsoft.com.. I guess he'll update everyting on the weekend.

jorge Wed 26 Nov 03, 07:03

I thought we had to vote first for the other entries... I'm expecting to get a voting request :-P

dusty Wed 26 Nov 03, 04:03

no results? I'm curious to see who won... unless it wasnt that kind of contest... What happened?

tobi Mon 24 Nov 03, 21:50

its now for sure on my website -- the full version, including the GUI http://www.vollebregt00.freeler.nl/t/marsworm.html

tobi Mon 24 Nov 03, 21:36

a bad thing happened, somehow a wrong version (without the GUI) got uploaded. Anyway, i have now fixed this. If you've got a version in which you do not see a GUI menu with a mars background first, please check my website or the index if the new version has been uploaded.

Daniel_Christian Mon 24 Nov 03, 17:42

awe, I was going to start hacking in my last 3 hours of light, but I see it's GMT. Well that sucks, I had a cool idea too, that I thought I could pull off in less than 3 hours!

BAF Mon 24 Nov 03, 15:54

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ANYONE WHO MAY BE PANICKING BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T UPLOAD IN TIME! You can still upload your entry! The same ftp details work. I will be checking for updates and changine the index file. The current index of entries resides at http://tins.bafsoft.com/ ALSO If you didn't finish, like me, Paranoima, and some others, still upload what you have. We like to see your ideas, and your source code may be useful to newcomers as well. The entries uploaded thus far are great. The only one that i couldn't get to work was Elias's, simply because I don't have the WIP copy of Allegro (it _should_ run on the stable one, but it won't compile) Well everyone did great!

amarillion Mon 24 Nov 03, 13:33

For now, you can find all entries by following this link: http://bafsoft.com/tins/. I'll create a package with all binaries later. If you haven't submitted your entry, please do so as soon as possible!

jorge Mon 24 Nov 03, 11:58

FINISHED!!!! where do i have to send my entry?? I only have two minutes left!!!